Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Nov. 16

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21 Responses

  1. John Bishop says:

    We all know now that the FBI used falsified information to the FISA court in order to spy on the Trump campaign.
    FBI lawyer, Kevin KlineSmith Clinton guilty.
    And with the help of Rachel Maddow, Adam Schiff, Don lemon, Anderson Cooper, Chris Como and so many other biased mafia media liars, they got the smear campaign to work.

  2. Guy North says:

    "How pervasive was this" – this is exactly what America is dealing with – complete, hypocritical morons trying to tear down America.

  3. Dana Simonsen says:

    Breaking News Richard Madcow "The Election was over a year ago"

  4. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat says:

    Taliban holds military parade showing off arsenal of military gear abandoned by U.S.
    The parade took place in Kandahar

  5. Reuben Mason says:

    Kyle comments?

  6. Robert Winter says:

    I’m a proud employee at Supercuts. Thanks for the tip Rach..

  7. Kenneth Parker says:

    MSNBC your a joke.

  8. Knock Knock says:

    Adam Schiff, Jeffrey Epstein, Keg n McCarthy and Mark Meadows have what in common?

    Humpty Dumpty says what?

    Found at Brighteon:


  9. brian murphy says:

    Isn’t she a lesbian gym teacher

  10. San Man says:

    It’s a toss up between this person and her Reid counterpart; but this is, unequivocally, the worst “journalist” on the planet. The. Planet.

  11. Linda Browning says:

    The reason Trump supporters don't worry about committing political crimes, is because they are very aware of our justice system in America and that nothing seriously is going to happen to them. When all is said and done it all comes down to the justice system no one under the Trump campaign is ever held responsible for committing any kind of criminal Acts. Change our justice system and you will see America come back to what it wants used to be the greatest country in the world

  12. Margaret Eromole says:

    Crimes and crimes, put him to jail where he belongs.enough of his Nonsense, he is not above the LAW of the LAND as he think …loser

  13. William McCarthy says:

    Please can this information get out to the people that don't listen to politics at all

  14. Efrain Avelar says:

    Republican GOP GangOfPirates we the American people know this even tho these Republicans in office think we are some how not knowledgeable these Republicans in office should think twice

  15. ShopGirl says:

    MSNBC, I know you all are in the lines of the most corrupt news outlet out there, which is horrible and because of lying Journalism you all are contributing in wrecking out country, if we had all honest networks, this country would NOT be so bad reporting noting but the truth, NEVER fact checks, just horrible, what you all did with the Kyle Rittenhouse case, where the Judge through the producer From your network was told to follow and get pics of Jurors, this totally tell lots about this news outlet how corrupt and horrible thy are , people need to check what thy are watching cause these Untruthful news outlets are helping to destroy our country, how did thy cover that story being kicked out of the courtroom by the Judge, that's embarrassing and disgraceful just a lil FYI

  16. Efrain Avelar says:

    The lie with no facts to prove otherwise that the election was stolen and thrown out of court time after time let's not forget even trump appointment judges threw it out of court what more evidence is there that trump lost

  17. Demon Hunter's Extremist Born Waters says:

    Yep its all bad.

  18. Yve Bella says:

    This white privileged dude committed voter fraud, got caught, given ONE year of probation & a $2,000 fine!!!! A Person of Color would have gotten years in prison and a hefty fine! See the fukin difference?

  19. Marie Singing says:

    Her husband is a republican. And her husband sat on TV and lied. But that wasn't publicized.!!

  20. tlak says:

    Why probation for voter fraud when the lady that voted by mistake got five years.

  21. William Swygert says:

    But a black woman in Texas gets five years for making an honest mistake

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