Washington's tax debate looks to 'death tax'

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12 Responses

  1. S. Walker says:

    Several successful countries have abolished their estate/inheritance taxes. Most of the wealthiest countries either have no estate/inheritance taxes or they are between 10% and 20% (with a few exceptions). The US's is by far the most complicated and convoluted. All of these countries provide better social systems for their people than the US does. The question we should be asking is "How do we create shared wealth and prosperity for all?", not "How do we punish everyone who has been successful and make everyone poorer, while giving a few small handouts so people can buy food along the way?"

  2. William Lindsley says:

    If you love freedom, do everything in your power to consume less. If you can consume less you can afford to work less. Less work equals less taxes. Starve the beast.

  3. Jessica Printke says:

    Me and my husband Work Is over 140 hours a week combined. We do not have children And I am going to tell you The new tax laws are against the working class. They are going to spy on us And those who work hard and longer hours are going to pay more money than those Who work less hours Or who don't work at all.

  4. MrGtht says:

    Why is this news? The number of people this affects is a rounding error.

  5. carey jernigan says:

    This will be so important,,,bring it on………….

  6. thejeffinvade says:

    "Fewer than 2000 people paid estate tax, raised 16 billion dollars." So each of them paid around 10 million dollars? Yet common folks are worried about the tax? lol. Americans can't do math.

  7. Millard Brown says:

    OMG the FED can't save the rich now lol. The FED has no bullets left to do anything but watch it tank. The top FED officials just sold at the top knowing the bubble is popping and it was time to take gains.

  8. NatterD D. says:

    They’re using payment for order flow (as cattle lined up to a slaughter house) We then get an IOU and our stock is put into dark pools. These dark pools are a remote control for the market where they throttle to keep the market price and secondary hidden book price parallel.
    Dark pools control the “human” Element of buying pressure and Single line python code/algorithms creates the outcome.
    Every stock is on a loop cycle replaying the same movements in fractional segments. The entire market and crypto is a corrupt Ponzi scheme

  9. Rudy Nunez says:

    Robert kiyosaki warned about this.

  10. Jonathan Brotto says:

    Nothing new here

  11. Martin Arnold says:

    Government is too big, shrink government before raising any taxes.

  12. Matt Joseph says:

    Can’t even die without the DC bloodsuckers harassing you. Shameful.

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