WallaH's 24hr Credit Inquiry Deletion

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An inquiry refers to a request to look at your credit file and falls into one of two camps: hard or soft. A credit inquiry occurs when you apply for a credit card or loan and permit the issuer or lender to check your credit. Some inquiries have no effect on your credit, but others can lower your credit score. I hope this video helps all who view it if I can assist you in anyway your can email me at betterresults@wallahsolutions.com; wallahsolutionscare@yahoo.com

Call Each Bureau:
Experian-1-855-414-6048-SSN-2-1-2-3-ask for fraud department
Equifax-1-888-548-7878-ask for fraud department
TransUnion-1-800-916-8800-0-ask for fraud department
Make them aware that according to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting ACT) legally these unverified and unauthorized items MUST be removed…
{FCRA} (602(a)(1) (605(b) (606) (607)

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how to dispute a hard inquiry on transunion

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    tranunion is tough they want you to show you proof and make a report and mailed them

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