"Verified" Response Repeat Offense Dispute Letter Tactic

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Let me guess: Your disputes came back as verified, right? There’s a way to fight this if you’re NOT using dispute letter templates. If you’re using factual-based disputes, your disputes should NOT come back as “verified” and if you are, it means that the bureaus and creditors are not doing their job.

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dispute all three credit bureaus

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  1. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

    View the most recent videos at https://www.youtube.com/expertcreditsweeps – I've shared over 350 of them with you! Get faster results, higher credit scores and an overall shorter dispute duration simply by following my formulas. If you need help with your dispute letters, you can also submit your letter for help with the new series at goesto.xyz/letter-help

  2. Wrayth says:

    I have a couple questions for you when you get the time.

  3. shellhog says:

    How do you send dispute letters ??

  4. Tyrone byrd says:

    Nice I can't wait for the next round so you can try this, great job Kristin

  5. sunny day says:

    Hi I want to dispute a student loan and I live in California and New York and I’m wondering whether it matters which address I use because I believe California has shorter limitations? Right now the servicer is reporting to credit bureaus as last payment Jan 2014 sold to other party but it’s from 2002 and 2012 at latest. I want to make sure I don’t get sued.

  6. Pman D says:

    How much do u charge ….just a ball park no need of sending a link and it's my social security safe ?

  7. bota20 says:

    Omg i felt like you was talking to me! Lol love this!! Ya mine were all the same in the past!! Telling the C.B's they all suck!! Grrrrr…ha ha

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