Verified as Accurate by Credit Bureaus? Watch This Video & Don't Give Up

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Today I wanted to give you a little motivation on your credit repair journey because I know how frustrating it can be when you aren’t getting results and when your disputes are coming back as verified as accurate by the credit bureaus. In this video, I share my earlier days and lack of results with you and how FRUSTRATING it was. I also share the steps that I took to overcome this.

I might make a video in the future about learning “on the job with credit repair” but for right now, this is part of my story that I would like to share with you because I understand what you may be going through when there’s a lack of results for credit repair dispute letters sent to the credit bureaus.


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Video notes:
Okay, what I’m about to tell
you, I have literally never shared with anybody before when
I first started doing this like my first client got no result
what so ever. Like I fix my own credit, right? I removed a ton
of stuff. I don’t even want to name the things that I removed.
It’s like so embarrassing but I fix my own credit and so I’m
thinking on like flying high and I’m thinking, oh my God, I can
fix anybody’s credit for anything in any period of time.
Like this is going to be super legit. I’m going to make mad
money off of it. So I’m going to help hella people and this is my
new calling, right? Right. Well, here comes my first client. And
yes, I let him know. He was my first client and you know, he
was alright with that, right? So six months later, we have no
results and I’m not talking about no inquiry, no collection,
remove, no, nothing, nothing removed, and I’m like, dude.
This is probably not for me. But instead of giving up, instead of
listening to you other people instead of doing what most
people do and giving up. I didn’t take on any new clients.
I want to work. I studied and I learned how to do this and I
will tell you right there that I didn’t even do factual basis.
Because at that time I was doing regular credit repair 101 and
just for whatever reason, it did not work, right, but I want to
tell you this because specifically I did not give up,
I didn’t give up. That’s the important part.

I didn’t continue doing the same thing expecting different results. So
here’s the deal. If you are sending out dispute letters and
maybe you don’t know that you are doing it the wrong way.
Maybe you don’t know that there is another way, maybe you don’t
know that doing this is not simple and that you’re not going
to see results overnight and that You’re going to get
rejected and you are getting it stalled, and it is going to be a
frustrating. Then this is what I want for you to do. Don’t sound
out another dispute letter for another client or yourself until
you are absolutely certain of the strategy and, you know, the
setup and exactly what’s going to happen next. Because the
worst thing that you could do is get frustrated and stop because
you don’t win the bureau’s win the creditors win the
collectors win. And guess what? They don’t care.

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  1. Taylor says:

    Hey Kristen. Do you have a video on when there is an account only reporting on one bureau. It’s a collection. There is actually a few of them only reporting to equifax.

  2. LaTanya Cochran says:

    I needed to hear this. Have been watching your videos for years

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