Verdict in Rittenhouse trial, fatal overdoses skyrocket during pandemic, disappearance of Peng Shuai

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9 Responses

  1. me him says:

    The left and right are equal in the destruction of the west! While we are all devided the west crumbles!

  2. Steve Poulson says:

    Rittenhouse was doing what the government failed to do. Go after them, that's the prob

  3. Steve Poulson says:

    The facts are the facts. Justice was served

  4. Steve Poulson says:

    You leftist morons are idiots. If we lived like like you, child rapist would be free and citizens asserting their constitutional rights should go to jail. Your media is trash junk .

  5. Barbara Little says:

    The news anchor interrupts too much, but doesn't correct the statement that Rittenhouse's mother drove him across state lines with a firearm. And the lies live on! If you want to be an alternative to the mainstream media, please stick to the facts.

  6. D Finite says:

    Whether or not it fits into any political party line, the people who were killed by Kyle Rittenhouse have lost their lives. They are absolutely dead. Forever. Because this boy was walking around with an assault rifle. Murder is murder, and these people didn’t have to be killed by this child.

  7. Ivan Acosta says:

    If he were black or Mexican or afganastanian or Asian he's fucked but nope he's white right smh

  8. Nick17428 says:

    This case was destined for an acquittal on all charges from the start. The prosecutors went after Kyle for political reasons. Self defense is not a crime. The prosecutor should be put on trial for his actions. Kyle is an American Hero and will soon make millions when he sues the fake media for the false accusations he was subjected to the last year.

  9. Janice Sitzes says:

    Shame on you Bush and Blasio. Terrible leadership

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