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Something wicked this way comes! Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage brings everyone’s favorite man-eating symbiote face-to-face with…well, another man-eating symbiote: CARNAGE. Played by Woody Harrleson, the movie Carnage is everything fans hoped for an more, but will Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) manage to take down the symbiote bonded to Cletus Kasady? Plus what symbiote from Marvel Comics will Venom be forced to fight next? So join IGN host Brian Altano for some Marvel Canon Fodder and the full breakdown of Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage, along with the Easter Eggs we managed to dig up.

Ok are we into the second paragraph now? Ok here comes the big spoiler from Venom 2: Spider-Man. That’s right, he makes a brief appearance in the Venom 2 post credits scene. They don’t fight but he shows up. So is Venom in the MCU now even though the character is controlled by Sony Pictures? And does any of this link back to Dr. Strange messing up the multiverse in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and will Venom appear in Marvel Phase 4? We’ll break that all down plus the likelihood of that plus Venom’s next symbiote adversary, TOXIN. Marvel fans will enjoy Venom 2 as it clearly links to Venom’s roots as a Spider-Man villain, but Venom vs. Carnage remains the central conflict of Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage. In Venom 2, Carnage lives up to his name.

Ever since the Venom 2 trailer, Marvel fans have been anxiously awaiting the Carnage vs. Venom action and even though he comes from Venom, Carnage is a whole new threat Eddie hasn’t faced before. While Spider-Man fans have long wanted something new, Rockstars like Venom and Carnage fighting instantly reveals the huge emergency. Awesome Marvel Comics characters like Venom, Carnage, Toxin and Shriek all appear so join us for Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage ending explained.


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24 Responses

  1. TimPowell says:

    Carnage and kasidy comes back to life in the comics so they should be back

  2. Sandeep Rath says:

    Hope Marvel doesn't ruin Venom

  3. Faze Kid gamer says:


  4. happyeagle121 says:

    Can't wait to see venom in no way home and also can't wait to see him fight toxin.

  5. Gotham Knight says:

    It got to be the blip. They disappeared just to reappear years later in another guy room.

  6. alexfrank6534 says:

    Really lame they killed Carnage that easy. Was hoping for some Maximum Carnage type of murder spree.

  7. ralph geronilla says:

    Venom 2 was terrible, let down from the first

  8. Ember Skelly says:

    So Venom's a grandparent now…why do all the other symbiotes want to kill him?

  9. IRPedro says:

    Why is this 11 minutes long

  10. Matt Harris says:

    Brian is a master. This video is perfection.

  11. Potatoboi2121 says:

    Spider-Man vs venom lost all significance when somy decided to start venom without involving Spider-Man first.

  12. Ken Roucka says:

    "Venom…will be the first Marvel character, controlled by another studio, to appear in the MCU."

    Spiderman (Sony) & Hulk (Universal)?

  13. ShytownShots says:

    Dude wtf… spoilers!

  14. Hassaan Hameedi says:

    The light and shaking which we experience in the post credit scene after which Eddie is in a new hotel room is the spell casted by Doctor Strange, in Spider-Man No Way Home trailer. That’s why venom sees spider man.

  15. Mr.DeStylez says:

    Another possible theory: Since there is and has always been a "SpiderVerse". On Venom's planet, Venom symbiote is part of a larger collective. The Venom symbiote in Venom and Venom 2 is the same one from Toby's Spiderman 3. It wasn't killed in Spiderman 3. It was transported to another dimension. So not only has the Venom symbiote been to Tom Holland's Spiderman universe but also Toby McGuire's Spiderman universe.

  16. rainier vega says:

    Toxcin is not a villain , he's a hero

  17. BL4CKCR4CK YOITUBE says:

    My theory is that Sony sold the Venom franchise to Disney which is the reason for the post-credit scene

  18. Chilled Fi Bro says:

    The light at the end is simply the flash resetting the timeline and introducing venom into the DC universe.

  19. Zach Delaney says:

    It’s clearly cause of strange venom says it wasn’t him ?

  20. Papi Rooster says:

    4:52 ate that variant of him you mean

  21. wanderingbufoon says:

    False, the big reveal wasn't Venom showing his past experiences to Brock. They got interrupted mid-showing as Brock asked "what the hell happened" to Venom and Venom replied "it isn't me"

  22. Trey Bens says:

    Venom can be obsessed with SpiderMan in all Universes

  23. TheRealThinker says:

    Finally one who gets right to the point. Nice video

  24. Micah Shearer says:

    Y'all's first theory is dumb as hell

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