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  1. Edward I says:

    We usually hit Vegas 4-5 times a year, parents have been there since the early 90s. Last time there was at Caesars last year for the 4th of July fireworks we usually meet 3 other couples annually for the Caesars 4th show…. that was the week when they implemented the first mask mandate… we haven't been back. This has been the first year since DRINK closed we havent been to Vegas.

  2. Matt Peters says:

    The hard rock security are the dodgiest in Vegas. Set me up to be arrested at the joint. Cops had nothing but still made to pack my bags without a refund after my brother picked up a girl they all wanted. Hope virgin use a different security team.

  3. Bill Dunaway says:

    Why? It's pretty obvious. It's the mask mandate. The majority of tourists are not scared of the virus, especially if they are fully vaccinated, but only a few is willing to wear masks while on a vacation. As I've stated, we had a week scheduled in Vegas in November, but not as long as there is a mask mandate.

  4. James Hilferty says:

    I tell you why those anti vac people not getting a shot! Those people ruined my time last week with the mask wearing. I’m fed up with those a!! Wipes

  5. Debbie Vastano says:

    I was there a week ago and it wasn’t it’s usually street crowd during the week but people r still coming out. I’d be back there in a heartbeat

  6. Nancy Smith says:

    Enjoyed the stream.

  7. David Beck says:

    The reason ? Masks.

  8. Carol Nolan says:

    Resorts world garage is took far from Casino.Who wants to walk that far in heat or cold. Very bad set up. Better places you walk from garage right into casino. Not worth trip

  9. ktnotter says:

    Thanks for the video. It's better than being there.

  10. Latachia _2 says:

    The name of the show that Monty Hall was on was Let's Make a Deal.

  11. Johngregr says:

    Rambling too much not. Insulting idiot. You are the best.

  12. Johngregr says:

    Love the video quality.

  13. Gail Woods says:

    Rugrats are back in school it’s officially convention season

  14. Thanh Dang says:

    With the delta variant, no body wants to get on the airplane to Vegas.

  15. Racebook 3173 says:

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  16. David Donnarumma says:

    And trying to make money off mask for your face to make money on your taken advantage of people to make money that is wrong

  17. David Donnarumma says:

    I'll show you are a nice guy are from Canada it's a great country better and nice USA this country are in the United States it's not a great country I'm from United States born and raised I rather live in Australia okay make more money live in Australia the government then, as crazy he'll never go back to normal the government I don't want to help people not going crazy at the paranoid

  18. David Donnarumma says:

    I know more'n anything about Las Vegas I working at the press also I'm at actors onion thing about you making money on making money around I are paranoid oh so you could die anytime nobody lives forever they're going to die and think you're being hit by a car a car accident they could be robbed

  19. carol hughes says:

    Steven Campbell don't listen to all the all the people that is trying to discourage you you keep being you I will always watch you and your wife caroline

  20. Donna Tidwell says:

    Thanks for showing this end of the strip! I haven’t tried Pepper Mill yet ! Looks pretty close to resort world!

  21. Sanman says:

    He puts up a title and then talks about everything else

  22. DJ TL SPANX says:

    Support this channel by "SUBSCRIBING" like I did.
    I watch "Not Leaving Las Vegas" live streams before I watch others.

  23. xoxo xoxoxo says:

    If you go way back. You were a super cool, calm, friendly and humble streamer. Not so much anymore. U mumble, ramble and rant. Narcissistic and not fun to watch. U are poison to Vegas. Leave Vegas

  24. DJ TL SPANX says:

    Did you know?… water is better for your body if it is drank at room temperature.
    Although we know it's not as tasty or refreshing. :-/

  25. terry martinez says:

    We stay away from the strip, we now visit downtown, not as expensive. See you in Oct

  26. DJ TL SPANX says:

    Hello William. You got this!

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