Here is our REACTION + REVIEW to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Episode 42+43+44!

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27 Responses

  1. Oh hi Marx says:

    Vanilla ice is so powerful he made a dog sweat even though dogs don’t have sweat glands

  2. these final chapters are peak jojo

  3. Just FYI…. get used to sudden turns of events happening. This is where the show starts to get even more unpredictable.

  4. Zinerva says:

    Fuck vanilla ice xD

  5. Fernando Ol says:

    a minute of silence for Abdul and iggy

  6. Tdoyr says:

    I like how they talk about how fatigued they might get from a 3 episode reaction meanwhile some dud watched the entirety of part 3 in one video and was drunk

  7. astralman says:

    I hope you guys include the finale in the next one, the last two episodes are kind of a package deal.

  8. Coraline says:

    Oh god I realized what episodes we on oh no I wasn’t ready to cry today!

  9. Coraline says:

    So glad to see you guys catching up can’t wait!

  10. This 3-parter was rough, 'cause not only does it kill off Avdol and Iggy, but to see the abuse Vanilla Ice did towards Iggy is just… OOF. A really great portion, makes you really feel bad and pained for these guys, but I agree, it's hard to watch.

  11. Kisha D says:

    I don't watch Vanilla Ice anymore. The Iggy part was hard but the whole thing was just rough. I did watch for the reaction. Thanks for the extra episodes.

  12. Alvdol’s death was always sad to me. Right before this, he tells them to not bother to save him since he won’t save them. He makes it such a point that beating Dio is crucial and that they need to worry about themselves. In the end it was just talk. He couldn’t ignore them about to die

  13. NirvanaFrk97 says:

    These are the episodes that make Last Train Home (the ED) hit you hard and realize why it's genius.

  14. Bro ngl these episode hurt me

  15. Jim Tiberius says:

    now you blokes get teary eyed at the ending credits scene like the rest of us… T__T

  16. Vanilla Ice. One of the most effective minor villians in part 3.

  17. Mouad says:

    You have to beat the older d'arby by bluffing and you cant cheat with him and with the younger d'arby you have to cheat and bluffing doesn't work i always thought that was kinda cool ngl

  18. Shingaka says:

    Can't wait for the finale d00d

  19. Shingaka says:

    23:49 the hype of the situation

  20. Shingaka says:

    "why does Vanilla Ice look like Kakyoin"

    Shit I just realised that they look so similar

  21. Shingaka says:

    Is it only me or Kelvin looks a bit skinny?

  22. Shingaka says:

    Jotaro: It isn't cheating until you are caught
    Joseph: coughs

    Edit: u will find the meaning of this later

  23. Shingaka says:

    Rest In Peace Homie Avdol and Iggy

  24. Really great reaction, made my day ❤️ thanks a bunch

  25. I wasnt expecting this today, didnt check the upload schedule but here we are!

    Welcome to the endgame of Stardust Crusaders!
    Vanilla Ice.. Yeah you already know, based on the rapper, Vanilla Ice. That's one of the easier ones to spot.

    Kenny G! The little lame guy in the wall that got defeated immediately. His namesake is based on the american saxophonist, Kenny G!
    Also, in the english censored subtitles… his censored name is.. Billie Jean?
    I dont know why they would censor a musician's name with.. a Michael Jackson song lmao

    Now back to Vanilla ice for one more time.
    Vanilla Ice's stand is named Cream.. Vanilla Ice Cream, wow that is so whack each time I think back to it
    Vanilla Ice's stand is the VERY FIRST STAND to be named after a band!
    Cream is a British Rock Band.

    The reason why this so significant is because stands from part 4 and onward will be named after BANDS, albums, or even musicians!
    Part 4 is going to exciting and I can't wait to watch the end of Part 3 with you guys along on this journey

    Okay. In loving memory of Avdol and Iggy, I'll be posting Araki's thoughts on writing them as characters from a JoJonium interview.

    Here is what Araki had to say about writing Avdol
    "I made Avdol the sub-leader of the Joestar group. He was the assistant to Joseph, the 2nd JoJo and navigator of the group. I wanted him to be someone that everyone could count on, due to his strong sense of duty and loyalty. Since his job was to prove that Joseph was telling the truth when he told Jotaro about how DIO had come back to life, I wanted him to have some kind of past with DIO in Egypt, so I gave his hair and clothes ethnic touches.

    At the time, lots of people, including me, were interested in Egypt, as the 'birthplace of civilization,' so I think Avdol's appearance really fit with the times.

    I killed him once in India, because I'm always trying to keep readers from getting bored with the same pattern. I also wanted to add some reality to the story by having someone get sacrificed. I thought it'd be great to add in an episode where they lose a team member. I didn't intend to erase him forever, though.. But I thought it'd be too easy if he came back to life immediately, so I wanted to prepare a flashy comeback that readers would be able to accept. When I draw JoJo, I never plan out the small things. In the end, I managed to bring Avdol back just before they reached Egypt, but I never planned that beforehand. It was just an idea that came to me while drawing. Now that I think back on it, since I killed him once, I probably should have made him more important in the story. Of course, these thoughts all come to me after I've already finished the story. Making the story center around Avdol would have been very adventurous at the time (Laughs); Even in the character popularity polls, I don't think he was ever in any of the top spots. Everyone just wanted to see Jotaro fight… Also, drawing Magician's Red was a bit of a struggle for me.

    Being able to control flames is something that people always put in movies and manga, and in the end, it's just about burning things up, so it end it becomes a pretty all-powerful ability. I think in terms of JoJo, flames and poisonous gas have become off limits for me. If I had made a story centered around Avdol, I probably would have explored his relationship with his father, his upbringing, and his family. I'm pretty sure it'd become a mature story that wouldn't really fit in Shonen Jump. (Laughs)."

    Araki gets asked "Did Avdol get younger?"

    Araki responds,
    "He was always meant to be in his late 20s. He may look a bit older, but that also happens a lot with soldiers in real life. People with a lot of experience get tough faces."

    Here is what Araki had to say about Iggy
    "In JoJo, I put a lot of importance on "depicting all of creation." Whether it's a physical phenomenon, or a creature, JoJo is about expressing many different things through visual means. So adding an animal to the Joestar team made perfect sense to me. As I was drawing Part 3, I really wanted to give them a pet, so I started thinking about what animal would be fit for their journey… And I decided it was a dog. I believe that the dog is a symbol of loyalty and friendship. Cat lovers probably want to ask "What's wrong with a cat?" But I just have a feeling that a cat probably would have betrayed them at some point. (Laughs) Cats will play with you, but they aren't your friends. Just like how D'arby used one as his pawn when he was cheating, I usually put cats on the enemy side.

    Just like Polnareff and Kakyoin, Iggy joins the group during their journey, and it wasn't something I had planned from the beginning. Of course, I also hadn't thought up a Stand for each Tarot card yet. It may seem perfect that Iggy's Stand is The Fool, but at the time I was drawing this, it was the last Tarot card left aside from The World. I also thought there was a possibility that I could use The Fool as an enemy Stand. I had to make a quick decision there, but I love the visuals of The Fool so much that I'm glad Iggy managed to stick around for as long as he did.

    When I design Stands, I take hints from aboriginal masks, clothing, and dolls. I then fused animal and machine parts to give it a unique, odd design. Stands were originally meant to be fusions between life and inorganic things, so these sorts of combinations pop up a lot. The Fool is based on a dog fused with a Native American mask and tires. The Fool is the epitome of what I had always imagined Stands to look like.

    Even though I love looking through animal encyclopedias, Iggy was the first time I made an animal a main character. It was also my first time drawing animal battles, so I did research using Takahashi Yoshihiro's "Ginga -Nagareboshi Gin-." As I continued drawing Iggy, I became attached to him, and thought that maybe I wanted to get my own Boston Terrier. But I decided against it due to my work schedule. If I had gotten one, I'd want to play frisbee with it. Seems like you wouldn't be able to play much with a Chihuahua or a Toy Poodle. (Laughs)"

    Araki gets asked "The Fool has tired for legs.. Where did that come from!?

    Araki responds,
    "An F1 race car. At the time, Jump was supporting the F1 team, so I often saw them in the magazine. His Stand isn't super fast or anything, but I thought it was timely, so I added this touch in.["

    for those who are interested

    This is what Araki had to say about writing our favorite gambler, Daniel J. D'arby
    "When I started drawing Part 3 and began working on battles between Stands instead of Ripple, I decided that I wanted to draw some battles that weren't physical. Like I discussed earlier with Hol Horse, I interspersed one on one battles with team battles throughout the Joestar group's war against DIO's assassins, and tried to put a lot of variety into each different ability. I had drawn 'gambling' battles before in Mashonen BT, but I wanted to draw another one with Stands in the background. That's what gave birth to D'Arby.

    I believe that gambles are something that people embark on by staking both their souls and their pride. The money, chips, and coins that are used at casinos are just representations of souls. So having D'Arby remove the souls of the people who lost was a natural conclusion to me. Of course, due to his Stand, I was able to actually draw it happening. (Laughs) In gambling, you either win or you lose. So D'Arby, who embarks on gambling all on his own, exhibits a powerful mental fortitude and cunning hat rivals even Jotaro himself, which gives D'Arby a demonic aura.

    D'Arby and the Joestar group engaged in several gambles. Basically, anything goes when it comes to gambling, so I like thinking up different ideas. One of my favorites involves animals. It's hard to predict what animals will do, isn't it? That makes them perfect for gambling, but precisely because it seems like there's no way for someone to cheat with animals, I bet that someone actually is. It was also important to find a gambling game that fit with the JoJo world. Poker is popular, and everyone's played it, and the key to winning is bluffing. The most important thing is to see just how much you can fool the opponent psychologically, and how calm you can stay, so I thought it'd be perfect for the showdown with Jotaro. It was fun drawing the battles with D'Arby, so before the final battle with DIO, I introduced his younger brother Terrence. Just when the readers thought "Aww, poker AGAIN!?" I brought out the video games. Baseball, racing… I was able to try a few different ideas, just like I did with gambling.

    Now that I think about it, I feel like the D'Arby brothers and the Oingo Boingo brothers launched JoJo into yet-uncharted territory. In other words, it proved that battles can be drawn in many different ways. With Jojo's battles, you can have physical punch-outs AND psychological trickery. And it all started with this D'Arby battle.


    Okay, I hope this post long enough to compensate for all of the shorter ones across various episodes.
    Everyone, take care. And get hype! Because DIO is near!
    Have an awesome weekend.

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