Use This One Sneaky Trick to Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

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Use This One Sneaky Trick to Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report. You need to know how to remove late payments from your credit report because it’s one way to increase your credit score increase quickly.

This is the most comprehensive credit repair education with a step by step strategy of how to repair credit, with the best tips and tricks along the way. You can even make money doing it.

We even include the credit repair templates we’ve used successfully for years to help thousands of people better their lives. And as a bonus, many of our Original “Credit Game” videos are included for FREE.

My big goal is to raise the national credit score average by educating the masses on credit and finances. The more people are informed, the higher the average will be.

Raise the bar with us and call 904-420-7772 to get The Credit Game University NOW.


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25 Responses

  1. Debbie L says:

    COVID 19

  2. Shay Nicole says:

    I have 15 lates but have been paying on time the past year . How do I get rid of 15 late payments on one account ? I have been on time for 1 year and have automatic set up as well

  3. Tina Branch says:


  4. Diva Berry says:

    I can't believe how some creditors are treating me. This pandemic has me on nickels and dimes. I'm going to call today about the information you just gave……. thank you.

  5. S.M.I.L.E - Veterans & Seniors Cannabis Social says:


  6. Jonathan Bourdon says:

    Covid 19

  7. dee slaton says:

    Covid 19

  8. sherrie uejo says:

    Covid 19 pandemic

  9. Nine Five says:

    World wide Financial hardship

  10. Nine Five says:

    Financial hardship

  11. Rosemary Gutierrez says:

    Financial Hardship.

  12. Jeff Tademy says:

    Covid-19 & Job Loss

  13. Unique 4 You, LLC. says:


  14. Unique 4 You, LLC. says:


  15. MJ Ciufo says:

    Thank you for the helpful videos. Still in the midst of fixing my credit.

  16. Jeffrey George says:

    Raised my credit from 507 to 662 in 11 months, thanks Mike. I used Loqbox, Self Lender, and a Credit Strong acct and paid them off over 11 months, no late payments, opened a Jewelry store acct, paid in full, and finally got a Credit One card and have 0 balance each month.. On my way to 700 soon after Exp Boost. Used your tactics and it was a blessing..

  17. marlana mchie says:

    Covid 19

  18. Bob christiansen says:


  19. kkidd1108 says:

    YOU R THE MAN!!! Yasssss

  20. Tammy Riel says:


  21. David Castro says:

    The pandemic


    Natural disaster

  23. Jerome Gooden says:

    1st Comment❗#TheCreditGame

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