Use this MAGIC Formula to Dispute ANY Account on a Credit Report (Beginner's Tutorial)

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Today we’re going over how to use this MAGIC dispute reason formula to dispute any negative account on a credit report to the credit bureaus and you can get access to use this training PDF yourself at

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How to Write the Perfect Dispute Letter to Credit Bureaus – for Beginners


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Did you know that section 609
has absolutely nothing to do with physical contracts and
signatures, and what signatures and all that mumbo jumbo and
everything to do with the ability by law to request your
consumer disclosure? And guess what? That just means that you
can get a copy of your credit report. Well, in case you didn’t
know that, then this video is for you because tonight we’re
going to break down the AJERO formula and this is the formula
that allowed me in 2020 alone to get over 20k deletions, and
we’re going to break that down right now. But what I want for
you to do is pause this video, go down to the description,
click on the link, and pull this up with me so that you can plug
in your own information. Alright, so here we go. We’re
going to mark up the screen and I’m going to show you exactly
what we’re looking for. We have that action. We’re taking that
action, which is something like update. Correct. Remove. And
that’s right down here. Let me just mark this up so you can see
what I’m talking about. Leet. Correct update remove and now we
need to tell them what it is that we are requesting, right?
This account, this inquiry address, personal information,
public record. Justify is the word because you don’t want
to just tell them what you want. You to tell them why that is the
entire premise behind factual-based disputes. Okay.
Now, let’s just pause right there because I had a comment or
two or three or ten this week. Where was like, well, hey,
you’re basically doing their job for them. Well, honey, that
is the entire point of factual disputes. We’re not just
reaching into a hat and pulling out something ambiguous and that has
nothing to do with anything. Like using section 609. We’re
taking the evidence, same as a lawyer, will use evidence in
court to persuade the jury and the judge to go in their
Direction regardless of, whether it’s the truth or not, right?
That is what we’re doing, use the word because now we have to
tell them the element what it is that were disputing the date
last active the date last paid Notice a dispute date last
reported balance high balance late payment payment history.
The balance high balance past due limit first date of
delinquency, opened date type term. So on, and so forth. Now, we
need to tell them that because it is inaccurate it,
it’s wrong. It’s missing, incorrect incomplete. And then
we have a filler and reports as that’s very simply so that you
can lead into your facts, right? So, Reasons we want to tell them
in this example that I came up with that. There are three
different late payments on the bureau’s. Right Experian shows
1/112021 Equifax shows 2/2/ 2021 and Transunion shows 3/3/
2021. Now let’s pause right there because another comment
this week was like well, hey the bureau’s don’t care, what the
other bureaus are reporting and guess what? My friend. Yes, you
are Totally, and absolutely correct, but here is Deal. This
means either A, none of them correct, right. Not Equifax and
Experian, and Transunion or that, B, One of them is correct.
And the other two are incorrect or we don’t know, right? But
what they do care about is that when what they should care about
because you can sue otherwise if they don’t correct it and
whatnot is that they are reporting accurate information.
Here’s another thing that you should consider. Metro 2 right?
Metro 2, says, delete or correct If it’s inaccurate, it
doesn’t say unverified. It doesn’t say incomplete. It
doesn’t say missing. It doesn’t say any of that stuff. It says
inaccurate, inaccurate, inaccurate, inaccurate. So, with
factual based disputes and with the AJERO formula, we are
specifically explaining why an account is inaccurate. And we
are requesting deletion of this inaccurate and negative

Please watch: “Removing Accounts From a Credit Report – Why is it So Hard?”


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