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  1. CINDY ANGE says:

    Should i accept an offer for a personal loan as a way to create positive credit?

  2. wesley barron says:

    best channel ever , thx man

  3. Chivonda Williams says:

    My bankruptcy, including all of the accounts included in my bankruptcy were deleted from my Equifax report only by disputing them . Will Transunion and Experian delete these if I provide them a copy of my Equifax credit report? If so, how?

  4. VeganMicroFarm says:

    My first credit repair e-book is at 4:36 and I purchased a 609 package for the letters. Brandon has always been GR8 about sending me any letter upon request. My student loans are forgiven because of the info in the 609 package. All collections are gone and my FICO has gone up 100+ points. Still have two accounts that are always verified and/or updated, the CRA refuses to send me anything to verify because the documents do not exist.

  5. Felicia Sherman says:

    Brandon I had received a letter in the mail from Equifax….do I send in another dispute letter to them…I looked on Credit Karma and it stated that the reinvestigation was in process….is that a good thing

  6. Just Ice says:

    Needed this thx u B

  7. LVISH says:

    what if you have something reporting in collections on Transunion but not on Equifax or Experian? Can I have it deleted?

  8. Mr. Mark says:

    Hi. Is "Date Reported" by the collection agency to the credit bureaus the same as "Re-Aging" a collection account? Thank you.

  9. USA Allstar says:

    Useful information

  10. K C says:

    I work for one the the credit bureaus mention lol smh

  11. Tommy Kimchan says:

    Thanks Brandon I got one collection off my report and have two more to go. I was wondering about “” does this actually work ?

  12. George Senda says:

    Here’s a problem I found with the free credit report site. It is now 2018 and one is entitled to get a free credit report once a year. The free credit site keeps saying that I have already applied for THIS year ( 2018 ). I have tried to get the 2018 credit report from all 3 bureaus with no success & have written an email to them.

  13. Chris. BCC says:

    I purchased the ebook. I am having trouble opening . I purchased to fight Experian. I do not care about anything else

  14. s, says:

    Brandon- 1st round~trans>we need your identity more legible… *experian>sent me something about opting out of 3rd party blah blah Unrelated & drumroll- never heard a Damn thing from Equifax! not surprised bc I lived in atl.and they dont do s***! for anyone- best believe! I also got a krunk letter from a creditor flaming claiming one account was mine w some Xerox copies of nuthin!! now a. (thats the best one to use right? and should I get a.monthly so I can.keep checking? so trans 2nd letter w.legible ? experian 2nd letter.w copy.of 1st? and equifax 2nd letter w 1st? I want to get a hold of you or your team bc I have another question . could u me back? oh! and dealership massacre – I just call and write ? I didn't give u permission blah ? thanks! oh and while this is going on I freeze everything? I dont know when.yikes ! thx

  15. shadowman88523 says:

    I order the big package! One account was verified and sent me the paper I signed now what 🙁 . Also I got a letter in the mail that said pre legal before suit is filled :/ help SOS!

  16. Josue Escalera says:

    Brandon I used a different credit repair company it’s goin on 2 Years now why would that be? Or is that normal?

  17. Tiffany Hernandez says:

    I am on my third round of letters and I've gotten them notarized and sent certified and I haven't had any luck with getting anything removed.

  18. Brian Thompson says:

    It works went from 500 to 720

  19. Snuff _dogg says:

    What does the paper back version come with

  20. It's Drew!! says:

    All 3 CRAs are saying one particular closed account is mine (verified). What options do I have. Pay for promised removal or continue disputing?

  21. Bronco says:

    Can you dispute inquires and negative accounts in the same round? Or should you do 1 round at a time, focusing on negative accounts and inquires separately? Thanks!

  22. V I R G O says:

    Hey Brandon, I just got the responses from the transunion and Equifax. The gist of the letters were "If you have questions about your report, please contact…." they completely disregarded my letter…

  23. Auréana Lowe says:

    Thank you so much! This was very helpful!

  24. FuturisticEmpire PowerFromHi says:

    Hey Brandon I am definitely going to purchase a package I just hate I did a halfway online dispute yesterday!!! I did through credit karma. Would I have to wait to hear answer before I send any letters?

  25. Rachel Sweets says:

    I need a to ask a question. Where can I email you or sebd that question. Thank you

  26. Kathy Rizzo says:

    Can you email in your dispute?

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