Unsolved: The Chilling 1977 Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders – Podcast #181

On June 12th, 1977, a group of Girl Scouts from Tulsa, OK, arrived at Camp Scott for what was supposed to be two weeks of fun, friendship, and adventure. The next day, the bodies of three campers are found brutally raped and murdered at their campsite. This horrific crime became known as the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders, and the tragic events that unfolded that summer still haunt the lives of many today.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Aye what’s up everybody
1:58 – Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

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36 Responses

  1. Keisha Whatever says:

    I believe it was someone else… Multiplayers for sure

  2. David Camp says:

    I grew up in the 60s and 70$. We left are doors unlocked. Crime just didn't come across your mind. Camps where considered safe.

  3. MAGA CAP Wearer says:

    At my daughter's girl scout camp they had payphones nearby. I wonder if they had payphones nearby back then and if they did, why didn't someone go call the police after seeing the unknown flashlights? Hmmm

  4. Dacia Proehl says:

    It’s pronounced miama

  5. Home of the crazy Champion Family says:

    Currently right now Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Has a rule or no adults are allowed to sleep in the tent with scouts unless it’s to non-relative adults. They are also supposed to be 15 feet away in their own tent at all times.

  6. Yo Bro says:

    They pronounce Miami, Ok -My-am-ah country people. Very small townz

  7. Loz Hunter says:

    I would have sent in the dogs, creepy, they are children they needed protecting. Attack dogs and be done with it.

  8. Loz Hunter says:

    screaming in the middle of the night, why would staff bother to worry about kids, the parents paid already

  9. Loz Hunter says:

    SCHOOL KIDS, are they bullying the evil kids? well the kids was right at school to exclude the psycho, it was right to avoid, they say that kids and animals JUST KNOW

  10. Trish Baum says:

    The note the counselor found was said to say we want to kill 3 girls. I don't understand how kill could be taken as a prank. Growing up that word was not funny, we got in trouble.. I was born in 76. Throwing the stuff out of the tent is pretty much saying, get out.
    I love hearing those girls innocence. Such sweet girls becoming friends. I can't believe they didn't pack those girls up in seeing what they seen.

  11. Z Knight says:

    Can confirm news spread differently back then bc my mom and dad were around the same ages as all the girls—my dad was 12 and my mom was 8 at the time—and they lived around an hour from where these murders took place and have never heard of them, to this day. I asked both of them about it and they never heard a peep in the news about either story, my grandma—dads mom— doesn’t remember ever hearing about it either. She raised her children an HOUR away and never knew there was a literal child rapist / murderer on the loose and she had 2 young daughters at the time, too. That’s crazy. A case this gruesome and heart wrenching could never happen that close without us hearing about it now.

  12. Ambermarierosee says:

    Thought I should let you guys know that YouTube decided to unsubscribe me from this channel :/ I subscribed again!!! Love you guys so much

  13. Lizbeth Carreon Cuevas says:

    I think the counselors were scared to check and since noises stopped they brushed it off because they were scared to go out.

  14. mihaelaleusca says:

    Love to see you guys. Love all you do.

  15. Animikii Akawe says:

    Wish there were different descriptive labels for “stay at home mom” and “homemaker”, though homemaker is the better of the two.

  16. debra jenkins says:

    Inside job, allegedly? Why wasn't the donut caper and warning letter shared with the police? Children were coming there and the security was obviously lacking. Someone dropped the ball.

  17. DizzyRM says:

    don't say the -walker name aloud!

  18. Charlotte Rose says:

    Ok so it was bugging me so bad why Michele Guse’s name sounded familiar even though I didn’t even know this crime happened till now. But I finally figured it out-October 13, 2018 a girl went missing under suspicious circumstances in California….her name was Karlie Gusé. It’s eerie that Michele and Karlie have the same last name and they became victims of suspicious circumstances. Anyone else notice that?? Also their dates for when they fell victim is almost identical-Michele Guse was murdered June 13th and Karlie Guse went missing October 13th. Such an awful coincidence!!

  19. Charlotte Rose says:

    I just absolutely LOVE how you both have such a kind heart and beautiful soul! You guys actually care about what you are talking about and the dynamic between you 2 is absolutely amazing and inspirational! I swear you both finding each other is what books and dreams are made of-actual soulmates. I’m happy that it’s you guys that got your soulmate-you 2 deserve it more than anyone I’ve ever known!! You both deserve the best life has to offer! Thank you guys so much for having the kindness we all need to show others!! (Sorry for the sap-idk where that came from…well it came from my heart. I wanted you both to know how important you both are to all of us!)

  20. Ara'seli Salas says:

    lol miami,oklahoma is actually pronounced as (my+ama)

  21. No Reply At All says:

    Why was this Gene guy so beloved and supported? 1300 people at his funeral? More supporters of him than 3 dead little girls needing justice? I'm missing something.

  22. rebekah canty says:

    This is insane! Omg

  23. R Linnei says:

    Kids seem to get premonitions…especially about death or bad things….very often. They say it's because children haven't been desensitized to…well, whatever is out there. Spirits, energy…whatever you'd want to call it.

    When I was about 4 years old, I went to Kmart with my mom. She said in the car, I started throwing a fit and screaming "I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU". over and over again. My mom didn't think much of it and reassured me that we were just going shopping.

    While in Kmart, my mom said she turned her back for a few seconds because she dropped some things off a shelf and was trying to clean up the mess. I was in the cart, playing with a toy. When she turned back around, I was gone. Thank god she thought quickly, because she sprinted to security, and they locked all the doors and sent a message on their PA about a child missing in the store. Some other woman found me with an older man that was trying to change my clothes in the middle of a clothes rack. I was crying but hadn't been harmed. He was a registered sex offender if I remember correctly. I hardly remember the incident. But my mom still has nightmares about it, over 20 years later.

    To this day, my mom swears that my spirit guardian or ancestors told me about my own attempted kidnapping, and that I was trying to warn her in the car.

  24. Cheryl Bashara says:

    First let me say I love your YouTube channels. Thank you for choosing this job, long time listener. Summer of 1977, I was 9 years old. I was scheduled to go to girls scout camp that year and all of a sudden my mom backed out. I loved camp and I didn’t know why I couldn’t go. OMG now I know.

  25. Jolly Panda says:

    Loving the new intro! ❤

  26. Savannah Ray says:

    I had never heard of this case before. So chilling. RIP Angels.

  27. Sandi Rhodes says:

    If Gene did do it, I don't think he did it alone. I don't see how he could have gotten all 3 out if the tent, and did what he did all by himself without making a lot more noise, or one of them running to another tent screaming.
    It's heartbreaking.

  28. ashley sanchez says:

    no shade just saying my parents never left us in the care of other people let alone camp ahh and I am supper grateful for that

  29. Gully R. says:

    I worked at a girl's summer camp during my junior and senior years of college. As a riding instructor, I didn't have any cabin duties. After graduation, I worked and lived year round as a riding instructor/stable manager at another girl's summer camp. Again, no cabin duties, I had my own house on the property. Both experiences were in the mid 1980's. In both camps, we had around the clock security officers that patrolled the grounds of the camp. None of the counselors had any sort of training to handle intruders to the property, nor should they have. Trained personnel are the only appropriate ones to handle the safety of all of our lives while there.

  30. Daniel Dees says:

    Where on earth is your source for your claim that the little girl said “tomorrow we are all going to die”? I cannot find this in ANY official commentary on the case, or any case notes…

  31. DannaGoat says:

    How did no one hear the screams???

  32. ItsMyKitten says:

    Or possibly do a head count if you’re scared to go out into the woods. it’s scary I get it, but you wouldn’t have to wander far if you did a head count.

  33. kim reid says:

    You should do something on the disapearance of Lord Lucan.

  34. Paula Lunie says:

    I'm really curious what do you guys think about Astroword conspiracy!

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