Unsolved Mysteries That Will Have You Scratching Your Head

Unsolved Mysteries That Will Have You Scratching Your Head
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These unsolved mysteries will have you seriously questioning everything. How did these events happen? Why are there no good answers? Will we ever find out what actually happened?

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00:00 – Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That Seriously Need Explaining
10:56 – Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That NO ONE Can Solve
21:00 – Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That Scientists Still Can’t Answer


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17 Responses

  1. stop being a D flute says:

    Get a nibbler from Futurama and bam dark matter for life

  2. Jason Russell says:

    #8 Sounds like a spy tht was found out & no mercy was given…

  3. Warren Zurcher says:

    Science is the biggest anti Christ, they always trying to prove that Jesus was not.

  4. Ally LaBar says:

    24:32 That was very sweet Che

  5. Sarah Lindsey says:


  6. Sarah Lindsey says:

    Hi hey

  7. The Reaper says:

    8:10 back in the day, forensic science wasn’t as thorough and strong as it is today.. but one thing is for sure; twins don’t have the same fingerprint! So it does not explain that.. identical twins, shares the same DNA, but their fingerprints are not identical!

  8. Kaine Allen says:

    Septic Tank Sam has been identified

  9. Guy Incognito says:

    I used to use DMO recreationally for years and nobody ever died… well execpt that one time, but I digress; are'nt all women toxic

  10. John Downward says:

    Bit of a con using the picture on the opening screen of laundries, sorry if I spelt his name wrong.used to like your Chanel but won't be watching anymore

  11. P.I True Crime Stories says:

    Twins don't share the same fingerprints

  12. Misanthrope Islander says:

    stone cold was retired way too soon man

  13. Icy Flame says:

    So tired of the Man From Taured story

  14. Josh Land says:

    Beautiful as always Lindsay personality sense of humor grows on you she's adorable and I Love her style. Peace Love to everyone

  15. Mike Galaviz says:

    All your stories are repeated over and over and been told for at least the past 5 years on YouTube

  16. ObloCC from da Trae says:

    I think the wife was the watcher and thought the house was ugly so she got her husband to move them

  17. Johnny Murray says:

    Hi Peach! Great Show! I'm pretty sure, that d Jersey house was sold at a HUGE, LOSS. AND d owners had to disclose the house came with a Stalker! D New Owners got Stalker lettes also. They tried to stay but things got took Creepy. The Jersey is Vacant to this very day!

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