Understanding The Impact of Current Account Titling on Your Assets and Estate Distribution

Do you feel like you are sitting in a bowl of financial alphabet soup when you look at your statements?

If you are starting to handle the financial affairs of someone else’s assets acting as a POA, this session is a must for you

Do get overwhelmed or confused when you see or don’t see these types of terms on statements and legal documents: JTWROS, TOD, POD, Joint, User, Beneficiary of, individual, tenants in common, Joint, Et al, IRA, Roth IRA, UGMA, UTMA, Custodian, Trustee, POA, MPAO and so many more confusing terms?

This session takes the mystery out of your future titling opportunities, will help you identify current titling mistakes and give you knowledge of the various titling options you could be using to your advantage.

I will teach you how to design your account titling to do exactly what you intended it to do with no unwanted surprises.

This information applies if you are single, married, divorced, an employee, self-employed or an adult of any sex or age.

In addition, we cover some key differences for when you are dealing with taxable, tax deferred and tax-free assets. You need to know how or when tax related assets will flow onto your income tax return that will create new income tax liabilities.

Does just one little timing mistake when you are accessing taxable assets reduce your spendable cash when you are relocating, and you take a taxable distribution to do it? Come to the live session and find out!

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