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  1. Austin Trees says:

    Why would you pick a town home as an example? Not a free standing house

  2. Zeric Sigmon Jr. says:

    Thanks, this was great. What is the "Indicated Value By Cost Approach?"

  3. syed ali says:

    i like your office outside view

  4. Tej Kumar says:

    It would be helpful, if you could explain CU scores as well.

  5. Dominick Calantonio says:

    Explained perfect thank you

  6. Amir Nail says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Angela Stewart says:

    I had to pay for mine

  8. The Real Estate Agents of Miami says:

    Thanks for the info !!!

  9. Lorraine Alonzo says:

    What does "Effective Age (Yrs)" mean in the 2nd page of the appraisal under General Description?

  10. Elaine Nilsson says:

    If there was a huge disparity, like $20k, because none of the houses being compared have a detached garage nor 100 foot driveway leading to it like mine would you say that is a problem. Or say my land being 3 times the square footage as the other properties?

  11. Trading Guru says:

    Thank you so much , This helped me a lot to understand about the Appraisal.

  12. yups541 says:

    Thanks so much!

  13. purnima sharma says:

    What about the sale approach and cost approach?

  14. CF R says:

    Thank you so much!! This helped me out quite a bit!

  15. elmdizzy says:

    Very helpful!

  16. T H says:

    Thank you! Very informative.

  17. Princess Lisondra says:

    this is comprehensive

  18. Pope Francis says:

    (Next to ‘By Sales Comparison’) What is cost approach ?

  19. Hey Bro says:

    Thanks man. It helped a lot.

  20. Dawne Abdul Al-Bari says:

    Very informative! Thanks

  21. ChiefKene says:

    For your 3rd comparable , did your appraiser comment on why he used a comparable that was over 1.5 miles away when the first two are a couple hundred feet away and the remaining comps are within the same neighborhood? Thanks

  22. Kelvin Adams says:

    Good Vid..Thank you help me a lot…

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