Unboxing African Cichlids – Tragedy Avoided (Detox w/ PP Dip)

Unboxing African Cichlids and adding to the tank same day with a PP Dip.
Potassium Permanganate can kill any all external bacteria, fungus, skin and gill flukes.

This African Cichlid unboxing quickly went sideways though and was near to a total failure! Luckily I was paying attention and avoided a disaster.

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27 Responses

  1. Corrie Harris says:

    Kev you miiiight have put too much PP. The water from what I read is supposed to be pink not purple.

  2. Davis567 says:

    Any names for them yet and how are they doing ??

  3. Fish 2 Fishy says:

    The pp dip is common on koi fish. When they go to new pond, the owner usually dip on PP concentrate before move them to the pond

  4. Michael Lotenero says:

    Hey kev whats up brother. I have ordered fish from beantown also. Three fish a lawanda peacock a malawi trout and a red cap letrenops all were healthy and nice looking but i did have one problem they were all undersized from what i ordered and paid for so i contacted them and lets just say they weren't real great about it. Even though i sent pictures with a ruler they didn't agree which pissed me off. I didn't really want them to do anything about it and i told them that but they still argued with me well i haven't ordered anything else from them. Now i would say they have a very large selection of fish to choose from and those three fish are doing great and they have put some size on which is what i wanted. Really its not that big of a deal i just wish they would have treated me better after all I' am the customer. When i buy fish and I've bought from all the well known names I've had issues from time to time but it was handled much better. Maybe some day i will give them another chance. In regards to the fish you bought the dip you gave them definitely messed with them. I think it's safer to quarantine them and wait to see if there is a problem if you dip them when they have been just shipped there at a risky time due to stress and lack of food because as you probally know they are usually shipped not fed. Sometimes as fish keepers less is more so my methods have worked for a very long time so i don't chance it. Once i treat the show tank with medicated food for one week and no new fish are added i don't do anything unless there is a problem. Take it for what it's worth just one man's opinion. As always i support you and love your podcast. Peace brother

  5. Leslie Perry says:

    How did I not realize a water change was a great way to introduce new fish???? Totally makes sense!!!! I learned something today. 🙂 Thanks, Kev!!

  6. brummie pc gamer says:

    i will never use anything in my tanks like that all i do is use water from the tank they are going in leave them in a bucket for 20 mins.i have never lost any fish that way.

  7. Raymond Tay says:

    How's the fish now?

  8. Murad Duri Abdurahman says:

    Hi Kev. How big is your quarantine tank?

  9. Joe Lynch says:

    Hey Kev, thanks for the tips on acclamation of new fish from Beantown. Followed your directions to the letter and everything is perfect.

  10. ScaleModeling Frankie B says:

    How’s Lucky & Chance doing? Hopefully they pulled through.

  11. Brian Specia says:

    How do you keep so many fish that are alike. I was told two of this and two of that will lead to fights and high aggression?!?

  12. Steven H says:

    I'm looking to buy a 5 inch+ ( Full size) Electric Blue Acara. Any suggestions where can i buy full size fish online?

  13. Tommy's Tanks says:

    Nice to know thanks

  14. ALFA Fishes says:

    Do PP help in sunken belly issues in fish..

  15. Wisconsin aquatics says:

    It was the meds

  16. MEGA 412 says:

    Every order I've ever received from Beantown has had fish like the two you quarantined. Their fish are always suspect smh. Probably would never order fish from them again. Hope your fish turn out to be healthy tho bro!

  17. john tran says:

    My phone speaker is not working well. Where did you buy that powder medication?

  18. T- Dawg123 says:

    I want to order some fish from beantown, can’t get them on the phone or an answer to my email. Ron’s and Snakeriver are good at responding to questions. I will call and send another email.

  19. Yung E says:

    Get a five star bro

  20. D Nadhiir says:

    You think the pp played a part in this?

  21. Nate Newsome says:

    Does focus help with shyness

  22. Emily Hawes says:

    Wow a lot of haters on this vid.

  23. Omer Makhdoom says:

    Postasium permanganate.. nate not nite

  24. JohanaMel says:

    Love how you moved them to a quarantine tank ASAP after noticing the stress! Shows how much you care and pay attention to them. Such beautiful fishes! Hope they get to join the big guys soon !

  25. Keep America 2A Strong says:

    Hey K always a challenge when new fish arrive. Way to bring them back to life, Doctor K !

  26. MrMavhen says:

    too much chemical addition will stress more the fish

  27. Peter Davies says:

    My guess is that the Potassium Permanganate affected your fish, and every time you took the next fish out of its bag you washed a little bit of Potassium Permanganate solution off the net in to your fresh rinse water. You did the Marginatus last which explains why that one is ok as it was exposed for the least amount of time. The other 2 were exposed for far longer. Perhaps only a small concentration but enough to cause issues. I would skip the Potassium Permanganate dip.

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