Ultimate Battlefield 4 Settings Guide (2021)

The best Battlefield 4 settings guide you will find on the internet.

Battlefield 4 Settings (2021):

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Video
3:56 Audio
4:31 Gameplay
10:17 Control
15:33 Key Bindings
16:14 user.cfg
16:59 Origin
17:42 Nvidia
18:04 Installing Custom Configs
18:39 Outro


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23 Responses

  1. Ricardo Hobbs says:

    Nickel where is our battlefield 2042 equivalent settings video bro lol

  2. Archive says:

    Thank you! I love your content <3

  3. «DanielSwaggin» says:


  4. TT says:

    400dpi? and gpro?

  5. tep says:

    I've subscribed and clicked bell just so i can see Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Settings

  6. Soyjesus778 says:

    this is incredible man..

  7. Augusto César says:

    so, every 16×9 monitor user shoulded use 1.77 coeficient?

  8. Khong Guan says:

    Excellent Guide!

  9. 9 Lives says:

    Hey nickel, i have this problem with my mouse. It feels sluggish and slow ingame. Its not that my mouse is broken or anything.. i’ve had this problem
    For years now(only in bf4) sadly its unplayable this way. Let me know if you know any fix!

  10. kaimu says:

    I'm quite sad I cannot play this game at a consistent level because of the lag spikes I keep getting no matter what I do. I've tried every fix, every setting and what not but I still get lag spikes. This also happens ONLY in BF4. Any other BF or any other game is completely fine. Really annoying.

  11. Abdo kour says:

    استمر اخي كم من الوقت وانت تلعب باتلفيد 4

  12. IlScreaMIl says:

    nice zettingz <3

  13. Medaia says:

    Krass 400 und 15% 😀 gibt es deiner Meinung nach eine ingame sens zb auf 400 dpi die man nicht unterschreiten sollte? hab zb jahrelang auf 400dpi 8% gestellt weil es so funktioniert hat aber im nahkampf hat es mich öfter deswegen zerlegt 😀

  14. Marius says:

    Are you, as a professional battlefield player (saw it on your twitter description – do not know anything about the pro scene in bf haha), excited about 2042 after seeing gameplay of it or are you planning on sticking to bf4?

    and btw. your links to your twitch and twitter are not working (the ones below the video).

  15. Ghost Gaming says:

    Had this on my list for ages and just got round to watching it.

    Very well made, no time wasted and heaps of useful information. Definitely going to try and improve my infi game with this.

  16. Coatheca — says:

    i'm having an issue that none of the settings i save are actually being saved. Whenever I load up Battlefield it always resets my settings. Any help?

  17. FleshBloodSkinHair says:

    Я давно играю в бф4, но всё равно узнал для себя что то новое, спасибо за видео!

  18. Kingcraft12 Player says:

    the most important is installing sweetfx

  19. Tekeelaify says:

    Thanks for this man! Must have taken a lot of time..

  20. dutchgabbah says:

    Wat are your color settings on your monitor, i have the same one but i cant get it right. Sometimes this work and then something else.

  21. Entcopy says:

    13:11 8 Jahre. Das ist das erste Mal, dass ich davon höre. Ich hab das immer auf 133% gelassen. Jetzt wird mir klar wofür der Coef da ist. Es ist kompliziert, aber wenn man es kapiert macht es tatsächlich Sinn und man versteht was die Entwickler damit erreichen wollten. Nie drüber nachgedacht.

  22. Hieb says:

    I think people will probably underestimate how much time, experience, frustration and pain went into finally understanding every setting and what to use 😀
    Thanks for the shoutout man. Very good video.

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