Tufts Constitution Day Lecture with Pam Wilmot, Vice President of State Operations for Common Cause

Fulfilling the “Constitutional” Right to Vote: Election Reform, Voter Suppression, and the Electoral College by Pam Wilmot

Constitution Day honors our founding charter and its promise of freedom and participatory democracy. But the realities of the document and the history surrounding it fall far short of that lofty goal. Today we are at a crossroads, with a strong movement to both effectively expand the franchise and to shrink access to voting by implementing new barriers to political participation. Pam Wilmot, Vice President of State Operations at Common Cause, discusses some promising new reforms—the National Popular Vote movement, which is close to providing an equal voice for all voters when electing a President, S1/HR1 the For the People Act in Congress, and state-based reforms—along with the backlash of voter suppression, disinformation, and sham election reviews.

This event is sponsored by the Political Science Department, The Office of the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, The Office of the President, Tisch College, JumboVote, and the Civic Studies Program.


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