TSS154 Finance for Tradies and Contractors: Being prepared and asking the right questions

Asking The Right Questions Tradies and contractors have always wondered how to get the best finance solution for their current situation. Sean Fowler from EquipFin joins Matt Jones in this 3-part podcast series to tackle the importance of asking the right questions to get the best financial deal or solution for tradies and contractors.

“It really boils down to conserving working capital to make sure you have sufficient funds to manage your business on a long-term basis.” According to Sean, finance deals or solutions can get very tricky and this is where asking the right questions become very important. When someone buys an asset, there’s a lot of factors that person should consider before making the important questions.

A guide through the right funding lines and solution options will answer these questions according to him. Cash or financing? Sean shares scenarios where he has clients who are well-off that still opt for financing. At the end of the day, it’s all about asking the right questions to avoid turning cash into a depreciated asset.

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