Trump Says Goodbye To Powell In Weirdest Way Imaginable

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42 Responses

  1. zerzuze Xiiquin says:

    He saw bright colors on black material. He expected dirty Sombrero guayabera and charro pants. That is what an not wealthy person from Mexico would have on. Brazil is a pop modern culture with bright colors. Even in the slums of people tried to keep clean. Even in the slums most of the people wear bright colors. Kind of like Lindsey Graham at the drag bar on the weekends!

  2. Tad Thompson says:

    Yes most introverts with the same thing

  3. Pat Miller says:

    Trump needs to just shut the f ..k up and go away…he's done over history! He's like a scab that keeps coming back..pick and flick already.

  4. Pat Miller says:

    Hey ya know…if mansion wants to keep playing hard ball politics then Biden needs to step up to the plate and be a player. He needs to tell mansion to cut the crap and sighn the proposal or fed inspections will happen and his coal mines will be shit down for millions of dollars of maintenance issues. Remind mansion he's not joking and he will make shit up to do it…watch that prick change his attitude. Biden needs to be a player.

  5. Brian Lawhon says:

    Saying Karen is like saying ni**er, stop it.

  6. hazeluzzell says:

    I think you need a holiday, John.

  7. zooblestyx says:

    It's a sad, inescapable fact of life, however tragic it is, and no matter how much we wish it would never have to be necessary, sometimes there is no choice but to put down some dog owners.

  8. Susie Odell says:

    Let them go. Cull the herd.

  9. MJ says:

    There is no other species that isn't better than us.
    I wish more people would realize that fact and be motivated to improve themselves as much as possible.
    At least I have the decency to be embarrassed to be a Homo Sapien.

  10. Buddha Cook says:

    djt has done nothing but show his HATRED for all others who don't grovel to him & kiss his ass.

  11. karen atha says:

    My health is a reflection of this broken country. I can't watch this.

  12. Jack Andras says:

    It's a little thing called character. You only get it through struggling. Trump never had to struggle. Therefore Trump doesn't understand character. Not a hard logic problem.

  13. One4 Truth says:

    Truly sad, and to think that this type of individual has millions of followers.

  14. Ria Somers says:

    Cast iron!

  15. Yvette Bowles says:

    Oh, I watched a really cool video on mushrooms and all of the potential for them to be used for the environment. To clean up oil spills and to soak up PFAS and break down plastics. The channel is Thoughty2.

  16. Yvette Bowles says:

    Didn't Colon Powell compare Donald Trump to Hitler? I'm pretty sure that he did. So DJT not saying anything appropriate about Powell's passing isn't a shock. His parents never taught him not to speak ill of the dead. Which has been clearly obvious since John McCain passed away.

  17. Chris Houston says:

    The bone spurs have completely engulfed his empty skull.

  18. D. says:

    PSALMS 37:3-7
    The (HATE) that circles the
    "ECCLESIASTES 7:1-4"

  19. Carlos DeCisnerosate says:

    Powell wan't wrong. He was lied to. He was given an intelligence report that was cooked, Him being a military man never dreamed that such a thing was possible.

  20. Bagging machine says:

    Absolutely classless piece of dung. Please give us the chance soon to write your epitaph Donny…..we might be gentle?….

  21. Chris says:

    stop with the fake twiddle intro

  22. Harry Jove says:

    Powell will WARMONGER Bush destroyed many Nations

  23. April Hall says:

    So weird — just had A Change My Mind — Stephen Crowder ad Yuck

  24. Maiii Liew says:

    As i know taking injet vaccine there is a warning that asmatic and cancer cannot been taking vaccination.. Can say General Colin Powell is very strong already can complete the second dos vaccination.. Maybe general Colin know already but he shil want to take it.. Cos he us surrounded many people that is his job.

  25. d-rocky says:

    i’ve been sayin since DAY ONE that tRump was season one Michael Scott lol

  26. berretta9mm1 says:

    We'll all be wearing the same, military-looking jacket – and then they can say we're in a cult. Maybe you could put a rank insignia on them – depending on the amount paid – maybe tie it into your beloved dragons. I can see it working.

  27. JanusAtTheGate says:

    The koolaid kills the brain.

  28. JanusAtTheGate says:

    Trump is slime. He couldn't joke if it meant his life.

  29. JanusAtTheGate says:

    Trump still thinks he should still have his god status. Still. Like moonshine.

  30. JanusAtTheGate says:

    Now Grahammy is angry because the immigrants are NOT dirty drug sellers.

  31. Double-O says:

    Be excellent to each other is Bill & Ted! Of coooourse! And if you haven't seen the 3rd one, you should check it out. Made me feel a tiny sliver of hope in the midst of 2020.

  32. JanusAtTheGate says:

    If politicians had to put their money aside like the president does (rofl), maybe they'd do their jobs.

  33. Sharon Bodimeade says:

    After seeing him walking amongst the graves of our war dead saying that they were “losers” and something else that was derogatory this is very tame from the flabby piece of crap that he is,

  34. TheDaisytails says:

    Wait, is that a white dog and a black dog???? And the dogs don't care that the other dog is a diff color? lol. We need to learn.

  35. rexo10able says:

    Brazilians WALKING all the way from Brazil to the US…. I almost spilled my coffee!

  36. Tom Why says:

    They're wearing Gucci shoes and carrying designer luggage. Alfred the Butler was meeting them at the border in the rolls

  37. David Cates says:

    Don't forget burn-out , see away out with your sanity and go for it .

  38. depressed progressive says:

    So, we should behave like dogs? Maybe?

  39. Barry King says:

    Lazy and Selfish

  40. Anna Marie Garrett says:

    All of Fox are stupid ^3.

  41. ytyehyeh says:

    Next RWNJ talking point stemming from Graham's well-off Brazilians using CBP officers as hotel clerks–these Brazilians are just being smart by coming in, pretending to be refugees to take advantage of the generous U.S. government to get free healthcare, free apartments, free smartphones with unlimited 5G data plans, free full-ride scholarships to college and all other the great free stuff like monthly cash stipends and Disney theme park passes with elite access to the front of lines that the U.S. supposedly gives to refugees immediately upon setting foot in the U.S. and claiming refugee status.

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