Here’s the step-by-step guide on How to apply for the report of Marriage abroad. Our reference for today is from the Philippine Consulate of Los Angeles.

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17 Responses

  1. Smoken Joe says:

    Thank you ❤️

  2. Loke Bels says:

    Hello po yung sa notorized po , dito po ba sa pinas lahat epa notorized ? or tag isa po kami ng notorized Sana po masagot salamat

  3. Natosha Jacobs says:

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  4. Stephen Bryson says:

    Do you have any information on the costs and steps for an "annulment " in the Philippines? My girlfriend has separated from her husband for more than 16 years now, and he has his own family with another Filipina? We are talking about marriage in the future, and I want to do it right!!! Thank You Eddie! Steve

  5. Milagros Sercena says:

    Hi! Is this needed before you file a petition for your spouse to come to the US? The marriage took place in the phil.

  6. eric chisolm says:

    My wife & I did an online marriage, can we still do a "Report of Marriage ? My wife is still in the Philippines & I'm in the U.S.

  7. Mylin Oproiu says:

    Paano po pirmahan sng wife if ang wife sa Philippines?

  8. The Traveling Hobo says:

    There is one requirement that I found odd. In addition to the marriage certificate, the SF Consultate also added this…
    If the number of contracted marriages is not shown in the Certificate/Contract, one (1) certified copy and five (5) photocopies of the marriage license showing the number of marriage/s must be additionally submitted.
    So I ordered a certified copy of the marriage license from the state of Utah and mailed them with my ROM package.

  9. The Traveling Hobo says:

    If I had known the virus was going to haunt us, I would not have left the Philippines. But here I am in the US and she is in the Philippines. We took advantage of an online wedding. (Church wedding to follow)

    For submitting the ROM for those who have gone the online wedding route, this is what I did. (I went through the SanFran Consulate and followed their rules.)

    On the actual ROM document itself, both signatures needed to be notarized. So, I sent her a copy of the ROM document that I filled out for us via email.

    She printed out 6 copies (never hurts to have extra) and signed each copy and each copy was notarized. She took all those notarized ROM forms + any needed original documents and mailed them to me via LBC. It took about a week to reach me. I signed and had notarized each of the ROM documents.

  10. Pak Humanity says:

    Mam I'm from pakistan but my girlfriend filipino and she living in philppine so can i marry with her by the help of philppine embassy in pakistan by applying for marriage ?

  11. Marivic Godinez says:

    Mam if ang kasal sa online , need po e apply sa norway din?

  12. Deepak kumar says:

    How about online wedding?

  13. Beth&Greg Vanhumbeck says:

    Possible poba mam na mag online wed without meeting?

  14. Bruce Sanderson says:

    Do you need that report of marriage to get 9a visa

  15. Bruce Sanderson says:

    I was wondering what about online wedding how do you do paperwork

  16. Mery Grace Tenorio says:

    Ma'am ask ko lng Po ,Ngpakasal Po kmi gamit Ang online married magkaibang bansa Po kmi not in USA po ….same p din Po b Ng procedure need Po nmn report sa Consulate sa San Francisco?

  17. Mery Grace Tenorio says:

    Good day Ma'am…

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