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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area, so be sure to give it a read first.

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38 Responses

  1. Ti Ti's Island Cuisine says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!! My goodness!!! All these other videos I was finding were 15 minutes, 20 minutes like I have time for that. This was a good video.

  2. SkyFeedz says:

    only took 5 secs for me to know I was gone subscribe !

  3. Bio Hacking Momma says:

    Yes I need a trade line please

  4. Colbert Curtis says:

    Get with me one on one please

  5. Aaron Humes says:

    AWESOME Videos Brandon!
    Keep up the GOOD Work!
    God Bless!

  6. This_Intro says:

    Keep it going

  7. wesnile845 says:

    Can you help me

  8. Tyrone Jackson says:

    I need a few Tradelines sir

  9. Bertrand Prenat says:

    Hey Brandon!

    What do you think of rent reporting firms that report your rent payments on your behalf (i.e., RentReporters)? Is it worth it?

  10. Rebecca Lindsey says:

    Interested in maybe purchasing a trade line. How much are they and how long do they stay on my report?

  11. Pete Guarendi says:

    Can you use the credit ?

  12. Andre Boddie says:

    Can you get a boost even if your scores are in the 500”s now?

  13. Sam Girl says:

    I'm interested in getting a tradelind through you 🙂

  14. Darren lynch says:

    Can you contact with pricing and what is available for trade lines. I know that you can be trusted and are very professional. Keep up the great work, you will go far.

  15. Sheila Shelton says:

    Hey Brandon, how much is the Primary mortgage tradeline

  16. Jayeneca Bailey says:

    what if my husband has a seasoned credit card with a descent limit. Only issue is that he has 1 l30 day late payment over 2.5 years ago. Will putting me on as an authorized user be beneficial for me even with that 1 late?


  17. desdarren says:

    How much are the trade lines from you all

  18. Yumi Malpica says:

    How can I get tradelines from you??

  19. Plant A Seed My backyard nursery says:

    How much is it? I don't know anyone who has good credit to add me on their account. I need 50-100 pt boost.

  20. AngryMbunaMan says:

    I need a tradeline to get my score up to purchase a house

  21. michele brown says:

    Hi, Brandon
    Does removing yourself as a authorized user have a negative effect on your credit score?

  22. kadreac says:

    How can I get a tradeline from you?

  23. lucian wells says:

    Do you need the account numbers for the negative accounts or just the names of the collection agencies

  24. Princess Letizia says:

    How much for a tradeline? If I have a credit score of 650 how much would the tradeline boost it? would it boosted faster since I already have a high score?

  25. ELAINA A DORE says:

    My credit is getting worked on by you guys I just wanted to know should I contact you after I finish working on my credit because I like to get into a trade line too?

  26. Pamela F says:

    How much does your help cost

  27. Doug Mon says:

    Hey Brandon, what's your email? Love your videos, bought your dispute letters and they have helped me out alot. Now I'm looking to boost my score thanks brother

  28. Shineka MoNae says:

    Can you send me the information about the tradelines

  29. Hashim Giles says:

    I had a Navy Federal card that got charged off… but I was able to settle the debt for less than what was owed. My question is, what’s my chances of getting another card with them?

  30. Eric Arnold says:

    Hi Brandon. What would you suggest, trying to get a tradeline for my business I just started got ein address phone number and it llc liscened? Or try to get one for my personal credit which isn’t looking so good? Also where would I be able to purchase these? Have many questions and very interested please shoot me an email at
    Thank you!

  31. Roxanna Walker says:

    Brandon if someone puts me down as an authorized user on a credit card how long must I remain on that person's account? Its a question that I am being asked. Thanks for your reply and for all of the wonderful information.

  32. Duck Sauce says:

    Hi Brandon, you've probably already answered this but I'm wondering if I should dispute the negative account AND the inquiries in one letter or should I separate the neg accounts dispute from the inquiries dispute? Or should I only do one thing at a time? Thanks!

  33. angel star says:

    Hello may I ask what do charge for trade lines,what do you charge to clean credit and removing negative marks. What is your information to contact your team. Can you also breakdown what's in your book Thanks

  34. Joe Freeman says:

    Ok I’ve heard a lot of lenders don’t acknowledge tradelines

  35. WhyNot? says:

    That's how I started my kid off, by putting on my cards as an AU (did NOT give the kid the physical cards lol). Score get strong enough and ended up able to get his own with no issues. Got a nice car with a LOW LOW interest rate at 18 yrs old and income not that high at all. IT WORKS. Credit union approved financing, walked him into the dealership and walked out with the car, no haggling financing in when you when in with it already. Salespeople falling all over themselves…lol

  36. Rufus Murphy says:

    Hey Brandon,
    Lol change the hoodie my brother! How long does an authorized user trade line purchased through your company remain on my credit report? Thanks for all the great information.

  37. Antawuan Tymes says:

    How much do u charge for them .

  38. Antawuan Tymes says:

    I do need a tradeline how can I go thru you yo get this

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