Tortured To Death: Murdering The Nanny (Full Documentary) | Real Crime

This moving documentary examines the disturbing case of a couple who tortured and murdered their French nanny and then burnt her body in their back garden.

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From ” Tortured To Death: Murdering The Nanny”

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40 Responses

  1. Sonia Castro says:

    Sabrina has the evil eye they don't match

  2. Vineshrub says:

    How could the people not save the girl ! U have lots of opportunity to save the poor nanny

  3. Gan Gerry says:

    And why Michael didn't tell the police

  4. Gan Gerry says:

    Why she didn't run away

  5. Gan Gerry says:

    Just look at the picture of the two Evil Satan couple

  6. Rubiya Parvin says:

    I think she didn't want to go back to her stepfather and mother, that's why she stayed where she was. The whole neighborhood and Sophie's family, they all lack something. I don't see them even feeling sad for the poor soul

  7. DianaEmilia911 says:

    Gaslighting is horrific mental abuse to someone intended to destroy their sense of reality and self. People are over using this term in the wrong way, and this comment section is an example of it. Being lied to you it’s not gaslighting, even if it sucks or it hurts. Gaslighting is very different, and you take away from Victims of horrifying abuse like the person in this case, and many others by using it casually. Please think about that and consider that.

  8. Otisha Thomas says:

    What really bothers me about these types of things is that there was obvious signs of abuse but didn’t call the police or help her. He tried to get her a job but where would she live? It’s just weird he was tryin to help but wasn’t really helping at all! Crazy!!

  9. GaslitWorld f. Melissa B says:

    All the diner owner had to do was call police and tell them that the girl is being beaten and controlled by her employer. They would have gone to the house, asked to see her and found the girl in such a state of dread, it would have been obvious that she needs to be liberated from that household. People noted that she was disheveled and appeared not to be eating properly and not ONE person called the police with all the obvious, visual evidence that she was in harms way. DAMN shame.

  10. Andrew Ufnal says:

    The only person who tried to help her was the shopkeeper. Why she didn't take his offer??? SMH.

  11. serba serbi says:

    Devil couple….

  12. Sara says:

    what happend to their children?? must have been tramatic for them as well

  13. Stephanie Wright says:

    Monsters they deserve the death penalty…!!!!!!!!

  14. Egan Bruce says:

    The guy offering her a plane ticket and job is a predator. Sophie would have died sooner in his hands. He made sure to be a big part in her life. His eyes are dead!! Investigate the creeper as well!!! He has killer eyes and are so dead!!!

  15. Nia Mangfi says:

    I’m more disappointed in the whole neighbourhood than the perpetrators themselves

  16. Robert Krump says:

    A society without God

  17. Jean Julie says:

    Sophie couldn’t leave! God, help people to open their eyes! STOP even mentioning blaming the victim! Makes you feel better , right, that you wouldn’t think have been victimized by these monsters. The psychological torture, physical torture, starvation, interrogations , likely taking her passport, in a foreign country, with no money, f into please! Do you blame all torture victims or just young women?

  18. Jennifer Alcala says:

    I feel so sorry for this family, and what they went through with their daughter, domestic violence is everywhere, you would never know it would be involved happening to a nanny, my prayers go out to the family and friends of this young woman and rest in peace. Blessings from Texas, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  19. Danni Magic Junk Drawer Tarot says:

    I held it together until the little brother said he wanted to go to England to tell them that they had broken his heart…. RIP Sophie. So sad

  20. Deserie larios says:

    my mom hit me and my siblings with curling iron cord and sent us to school. I met my dad that day through CPS

  21. Rocky Atlantis says:

    She did not kill the Nanny, It was Mark Walton using his black magic!

  22. Linet Kayegeli says:

    Unfortunately, Sabrina's kids witnessed this horrible act happening in their house by their parents

  23. Shelly Thom says:

    And that woman is nuts as hell. I mean god her ex ran to America to avoid her. That’s insane!!

  24. Shelly Thom says:

    This is so terrible. I know hindsight is 20/20 but I wish someone would have helped that poor girl. She obviously needed someone to take her out of that situation. Breaks my heart.

  25. Karen Boodoo says:

    Why didn't the shop keeper call the police tho

  26. Diana Trejo says:

    Did you know first cousins in California could have sex?☺️

  27. mrs.masilo says:

    The guy who said the girl who told her she was bitten up,I saw several time's she was nt happy yet didn't do anything.

  28. Buds Ritova says:

    I'm just so speechless. I work as a Caregiver in California. I've had some form of verbal and mental abuse by seniors. I give plenty pieces of my Fijian mind in those moments, and I always keep a knife within reach in case I get abused to a cruel level. Stay strong my fellow foreign workers in foreign lands. Never let anyone abuse you. NEVER. EVER. NO.

  29. Per Nielsen says:

    One mans abuse is another mans pleasure…

  30. Katherine Grimes says:

    Mark is thanking his lucky stars he got away from that psychopath! Her husband is a weak monster. Participated in this torture and murder all over his WIFE being obsessed with her EX. Wtf. That poor girl. May she rest in peace. Not a single person helped her out. She told her FRIEND she was being hit and starved. He saw the commotion and says it has nothing to do with me and walks away. Wow what a friend

  31. Itmatt Ersnot says:

    They NEVER mentioned the children!! I'm terrified of what these monsters might've done to their own children!

  32. Itmatt Ersnot says:

    Beware the beautiful people! They are often HOLLOW!! Same with the rich! Beautiful+Rich=DANGER

  33. BloodStryke says:

    Beyond Delusion and Sanity, Straight Up Evil, that whole town. Blinded because no one bad could ever live among the rich yuppies
    Really wish Sophie would have escaped these psychos

  34. Carissta Rashele says:

    Makes me sick the community members claim they didn’t know anything, WHATEVER. She couldn’t have screaming for help anymore than if she wrote help across her forehead. Go on down the road with all those fall a** lies that no one watching this will ever believe!!!!
    YALL FAILED HER, hope you can’t sleep at night

  35. Carissta Rashele says:

    I understand that everyone is blaming all these neighbors, but my problem is with the mother. How did she as her mother know that her daughter was in some sort of danger and NOT call the law for a welfare check. I’m just baffled that a mother wouldn’t be the first one to call the law. She could have saved her own daughters life by just doing so. Yes, I’m appalled by the neighborhood people, but I far more appalled by the mother. She should have dang well knew better that something wasn’t right. Some people just aren’t parents even tho they’re parents. She failed her daughter and so did everyone else who sit by and listen to her cry’s for help and did absolutely NOTHING. That’s on all their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Do better society.

  36. Gabriela Martiniuc says:

    Poor Sophia. Why didn’t the restaurant owner call the police ?? Oh wait- because Sabrina is so glamorous . PATHETIC!!!!!

    It took the jury days??? It takes one min.

    That woman is a narcissist evil monster !!!!t

    This story angers me. Why didn’t the restaurant owner take her to the airport and help her !!!!!

  37. cheyenne Aguayo says:

    What a psycho.

  38. Lynda Auwi says:

    What's is wrong with people?? When you see someone in a desperate situation step in and help. I pray that sophie is in heaven. And these two maniacs rot in jail!!

  39. Theory Of Personality says:

    Unless you have lived it you can never understand.

  40. Nightwing says:

    Yo that picture of Sophia at 30:57 looks like she was starved for weeks on end and tortured before. These people deserve to be locked in a dark cell isolated.

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