Tori Spelling Feels ‘Trapped’ In Dean McDermott Marriage Amid Divorce Rumors

Tori Spelling Feels ‘Trapped’ In Dean McDermott Marriage Amid Divorce Rumors

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14 Responses

  1. Bella D. says:

    She should have never touched him after the first time he cheated. Although- she knew what she was getting! He's disgusting.

  2. Gigi Dodson says:

    He married her for her money!
    The music sucks in this video.

  3. Kaylon Centers says:

    How can he sue for child support unless he gains primary custody? Also, this marriage was destined to fail before the ink was dry on the marriage certificate. No one in their right mind marries the affair partner and think it's going to work out, especially considering they both cheated on and divorced their respective spouse to marry each other. I'm surprised it's lasted this long, honestly. Then again, Tori has popped out children faster than the treasury, so maybe that bought the pair some extra time.

  4. Kristen Thomason says:

    Sounds like karma for cheating on her 1st husband

  5. isela cowen says:

    They Are horrible Kepy having babies Sweet innocent children.

  6. Me the Who says:

    Didnt they both cheat on their previous partners?

    Wow I mean you just have to wait some years to see the result of such behavior.

  7. Lee Eberle says:

    Tori was always an entitled fool. Her mother should leave all the money to charities.

  8. Nicole Yap says:

    She was pretty without all the plastic surgery. I hope she stops getting more. I wish her well.

  9. Melanie Ewing says:

    He was a piece of crap then and always WILL be it's showing now it was always about her money.

  10. Melanie says:

    He said that because he knows how to emotionally manipulate her and obviously it’s working because she is still there!!!

  11. Jane Brennan says:

    She just had all that plastic surgery….

  12. Kimberly Carpenter says:

    Both of them are extremely toxic and insecure. Neither should be married to anyone. And I feel sorry for their children being caught in the middle of their narcissism.

  13. Kelly Clements says:

    I hope he isn’t hanging on to get money Tori might inherit from her mom? Divorce sounds so sad with 5 children. All 5 are minors too.

  14. C Leigh says:

    staying in a bad marriage is never a good idea under any circumstance, there is no "trapped"

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