Top Reasons you are getting Denied Business Credit

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In this video, Kelvin discusses the top 5 reasons you may be denied business credit. Business Credit is unique in the sense that you’re starting from scratch when building your business credit profile. Be sure to watch this video until the end so that you may avoid making the most common mistakes that lead to unnecessary denials.

—– Chapters —–
00:00 – Intro
2:20 – Top 5 causes of denial

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how to dispute derogatory item on credit report

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24 Responses

  1. calvin compton says:

    Can you do a video of the Pro’s & Cons on Traditional business bank account (Large/Mid sized)(Chase, Wells Fargo, Regions, Suntrust, etc) vs FinTech online banks like Azlo, BlueVine, NorthOne, etc

    Wether or not Fintechs are good to use for business, if they accept funding from Loan companies or lines of credit, such as SBA or PPP loans, etc. i recently ran into someone who has a fintech bank, was approved for a business loan but funding couldn’t be deposited because of them stating one of the Fintexh banks are considered as pre-paid banks

  2. TheTrojanPrince says:

    Helpful as always thanks kelvin and have a good one yourself.

  3. NOUR AL' DEEN says:

    Thank you Kevin for everything. Very much appreciated.

  4. Fresh Start With Joyce says:

    Welcome back Kelvin! If I wanted to correct my business address, etc with Experian and Equifax, is it as simple as a phone call or do I have to write a letter?

  5. Michael Crawford says:

    Great video boss!! Quick question. I’m hip to building up your kids credit for when they become an adult. Do you know can we lock our kids profile after we’ve made them AUs to prevent potential fraud?

  6. Schay Glover says:

    This was a great video. You mentioned doing a video to help the youth be prepared. Also some tips to getting lawyers or protecting your business from getting targeted.

  7. D&D Home Goods & More says:

    Yes. For setting up our kids for good credit by the time they graduat High school

  8. Nicci H says:

    Good Morning yes make the video on how to set up the kids

  9. Antonio Del Riego says:

    Thanks Kevin.

  10. ANTONIO HOWARD says:

    Thank you Kevin for all that you do brother. Much love ❤️

  11. Precious Brown says:

    Yes, make that video. I'll be an empty nester in 4 years. I need to send my daughters off to college with some good credit.

  12. Black says:

    Trying to find the correct answer to when you should pay your invoice? I hear so many conflicting answers.

  13. Get Business Credit says:

    This man speaks the truth and keeps his words fair and not misleading like many youtubers.

  14. Rachel H says:

    Welcome back keep them coming!

  15. diana bromfield says:

    Please do a video on creating a 700 plus credit score for High school students!

  16. Music Craftyrz says:

    I have Tier 1 and 2 accounts. Personal Credit is my issue, help needed!

  17. Stylz Keyz says:

    The real question is why has no one done this in Our community before. Setting foundation up for our seeds Generational Wealth. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to co-sign for my offsprings future apartments or Cars. So I’ve put in the work learning, teaching and executing Financial Literacy. Teach them first how much money to allocate for an Emergency Account meaning teach them how to budget. Teach them a liability takes money out your pocket yet an asset puts money in. Then Set them up with AUs from your credit cards. Now they can buy a with a low interest rate. Teach them how to use a Credit card meaning Never buy what you don’t have fiat “money”) in your account. Lastly, if you rent and their 18 or over put them on your lease and have your rent reported. Now they have rental history! No Co-signing for their apartment lol. We need to give our young ones a running head start cause it’s ugly out here!

  18. Water Your Soil says:

    Good video. Keep going.

  19. Scott Sellers says:

    Good video… I have paid vendors like Uline, Quill & Sunbelt rental after receiving the invoices, They reported on my credit report but there was no balance/ highest credit amount used reflected. Everything is blank for them. If they report and it's blank, I don't think that counts as a payment experience?

  20. Basila Muhammad says:

    As always, thank you for your informative videos. And yes, make the video on how to set up kids for success at graduation.

  21. Erica Fuller says:

    Yes make that video!

  22. PencilHeadFamily19 says:

    Yes sir, please do a video for our children.

    Thanks you!

  23. Lisa G. says:

    I would love to see u make a video about setting our kids up with good credit !

  24. James Rogers says:

    Needed this video today! Thanks for all the great content

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