Top 10 Deceased Airlines – Part 10

Thumbnail Credit: Robert Matthews

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Airport Update Info:

Baltimore BWI – Fully Operational
Reagan DCA – Fully Operational (Planned Renovation Starting 2021)
Dulles IAD – Coming Soon!
*Undisclosed airport* – 2022
Andrews ADW – Terminated 2020
Edinburgh EDI – Terminated 2018
Adelaide ADL – Terminated 2018


-Canon 80D
-GoPro hero5
-iPhone 11 Pro Max
-Canon LEGRIA HF G40
-DJI Spark
-MacBook Pro 2017
-Final cut pro x

I hope you enjoy!


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42 Responses

  1. Willard Devoe says:

    Boeing Bobby 737 100's and 200's were faced with ever worsening noise bans in the USA, until they were even banned from MRO/maintenance flights. A fatal accident occurred in Cuba in 2018. This harassment threatens safety worldwide, especially in Canada and Central America.

  2. Jetix Live says:

    This is just a suggestion but if you do part 11 BMI British midland (not the regional company) was an interesting story in my opinion.

  3. Polish Avgeek says:

    -I work for a non-profit organisation!
    -Great! What's it called?

  4. Muhammad Raza says:

    Shaheen air was my favourite

  5. Daan Maurice says:

    Imagine buying a ticket and a week before your flight the airline ceases operation

  6. Doctor Whosit says:

    You didn’t cover Mayflower airlines either!

  7. A Timeline of Aviation says:

    wait why does shaheen airlines have the same livery as jordan aviation?

  8. Planes and Games says:

    Waiting for VASP and TransBrasil

  9. Jackson Schadt says:

    Have you heard of the channel Expo Aviation? He has some really good videos about the more obscure airlines that ceased operations.

  10. Federico Perez Vidoz says:

    Can you add on the Next vid Austral Líneas Aéreas from Argentina, it was one of the most important airlines of my country, thank u!

  11. Axolotl says:

    Wow 210 like I don’t even care XD

  12. Gabriela Vidoz says:


  13. gopro hot trucks says:

    Are planning to continue this series in the future?

  14. Ben Narbey says:

    Just fyi, Virgin Australia actually began as Virgin Blue (DJ) and the first route was Brisbane to Sydney

  15. Lee247 says:

    For the Alitalia part actually most planes are gonna join ITA while others are gonna go back to lessors

  16. Kyle with an r says:

    At this rate I will be bead by the time we get to the 75th

    Keep scrolling

    Nice vid

  17. AS Aviation says:

    Still can't believe Alitalia is actually gone…although it was bound to happen as we all knew. I wish Virgin Nigeria were still around, they had so much potential! And that was so cool to know of Hapag-Lloyd and what they actually stood for, I always wondered why I always saw Hapag-Lloyd containers on some of the trains going through here. Thanks so much for doing my suggestions of United Airways and Shaheen Air!!

  18. Kean June Compra says:

    The shaheen a320 image looks cool, where did you get that image?

  19. SFcipher says:

    Here are a few more deceased airlines:
    Virgin Sun
    Virgin Express
    Oasis Hong Kong Airlines

  20. Fore Family says:

    I am from lake tahoe

  21. TheShaw Aviation says:

    Aviation18 what 777-200 Varient did Alitalia fly?

  22. TheShaw Aviation says:

    R.I.P. Allitalia

  23. DeltaKenny Dang says:

    Good bye Alitalia Airlines 1946-2021

  24. Owly says:

    I'm Latin American and the way you pronounced "Quito" is cringe.

  25. JC Aviation says:

    3:04 It’s pronouns Ta-me not Tame.

  26. 3sxope says:

    i really hope that there is part 11 and more to come

  27. Estefano Doumet says:

    I miss seeing the Tame A330 at JFK

  28. Jim Cambron says:

    Sorry for the late visit to your channel, I assume that you covered the legendary airlines that are no more – like Trans World Airways, Braniff, PSA and Pan American…

  29. Doctor Whosit says:

    You didn’t cover Canadian Airlines!

  30. Doctor Whosit says:

    So what your saying about ITA is that Alitalia will rebrand as ITA, so the carrier will still be around, just under a new name.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Aviation 18 there is a airport at South Lake Tahoe called KTVL and the Private jets fly right over my house in Tahoe

  32. Grant’s Aviation says:

    Do you think Kam air might go bankrupt? Is a Afghanistan airlines.

  33. YUL Aviation says:

    Nice video as always .Attempt 10 of suggesting Armavia for the next deceased airline video

  34. jah_cub says:

    Lets go, number ten great video man as always

  35. Merky Aviation says:

    Thank God Virgin Nigeria ended up on this list. Haven't flown them but I did seek their 737s departing out of Lagos back in 2012. The government was planning to make another airline Nigeria Air but he didn't follow through so it got suspended.

  36. Julien Valdes says:

    its sad to see so many airlines go, knowing that a lot of the CEO's had big dreams but they were never successful in the end

  37. Gemini jets 717 says:

    I love this series

  38. Jared Aviation says:

    Great see this series make a comeback!

  39. Rosko says:

    Question, Have you included ZOOM airlines in one of these lists?

  40. RedNightFire says:

    F for Alitalia

  41. Epic Filmmaker says:

    I know pan am isn’t featured here, but did you know that pan am still exists as a baggage company?

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