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  1. TIFFANY HAGA Rainbow Lady Unicorn says:

    Do you have an opinion on the credit monitoring company Score Sence?

  2. m3g0mia says:

    Brandon please help !!!!
    Does wage garnishment restart the (SOL) statue of limitations?? Account was supposed to fall off in 2019 but they garnished my wages in 2015 now it's saying removal year is 2023 but I have zero balance. Please respond.

  3. lucian wells says:

    My wife has a lot of medical accounts reporting to her credit should I get the medical letter package or just go with the normal first round of letters I have already

  4. Lisa Breakbill says:

    What about a charge off that has not gone to collections yet? Which letter do we use?

  5. Veronica says:

    Hey Brandon! Do I still dispute an item that’s currently reporting on my credit but has reached the statute of limitations or take a different route?

  6. Sister Donna says:

    Can I Remove 90 Days Late Payments and Charge Offs?

  7. Rick Stearns says:

    I am going to call you guys tomorrow. I believe I could use your help. Thanks.

  8. Kyle Taylor says:

    Sent out my first round of letters, credit bureaus received them yesterday. Trying to get these duplicate student loans accounts removed. Wish me luck, and thanks for the resources B

  9. J K says:

    the email team is dope

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