Todd Paulson Breaks His Silence! Plus, Julie Reports My Channel

Todd Paulson said he’s never tried to get “freaky at the telly” with Julie G., and Julie G. says “Todd and I know what really happened.” The whole internet has been waiting for her “proof” yet she won’t show it. She ventured to the great beyond, light years past double-down-town. Julie has now had her memories highjacked by the elusive alien life force known as the ‘Justification Jedi.’

Today we lift off into the Universe and try to piece it all together. I even started at the beginning for those of you who may have missed it.

Road Hog and Julie’s whole interview:

0:00 Start

0:00:46 Chaff & Redirect

0:09:19 why I’m deleting my first video


0:41:43 Todd gives his 2 cents

1:31:54 Justification Jedi

1:33:14 Sitting on eggs

1:42:20 This is uncomfortable


1:47:58 Blessings



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23 Responses

  1. Cath B says:

    I have never commented on a youtube channel until right now! I've been pondering for days how to tell you how much I love your channel and commentaries. All I can say is ditto what "All Things Lost on Earth Oracle" said!! I feel the exact same way. Keep up the good work! I look forward to all your videos!

  2. Rachek Leblanc says:

    Well as far as toad goes he not only dated Katie he married her so I have no opinion on this story as I have no idea what's true and what's a lie but it needs to be said how many people has KJ falsely claimed of sh or rpe it doesn't feel so good hey Todd well now you know how all those men felt when your soulless wife of yours falsely claimed sh or rpe


    I'm going to hit you on ig need to chat

  4. Camping Mama says:

    I do have something to say. It’s about “trigger warnings “. If you’re too wimpy to hear what someone has to say then don’t talk or listen to anyone. If you’re that easily torn apart by a word seek help. You can’t function normally yet. Please get yourself together so these creators don’t have to give a warning that you may lose your crap. Real life. Sorry not sorry.

  5. Samantha Orologio says:

    She’s just not bearable. She’s insufferable. Everybody is SOMEBODY’S type visually. She’s just hard to deal with and connect with in general.

  6. Samantha Orologio says:

    Thank you for always standing up for what’s right, no matter your feelings on a person.

    Also I hate to be a judgemental bully but there’s no way I’m believing that Todd, or literally any other man, is accosting her.

  7. Camping Mama says:

    AZ you are so awesome.. I’ve stolen your line… my kid was pissing me off and I said “IM GONNA FLIP A DESK” he looked at me like WTF??!!!!

  8. ✨Pearls ✨ says:

    An advert played for a horoscope app with the opening “ my husband cheated on me , he found someone online” the irony is too much

  9. ✨Pearls ✨ says:

    I actually feel sorry for Todd. I mean if that’s her version of raunchy then I’ll be done.

    Julie if this did happen says more about you sweetheart. Your husband doesn’t deserve this. Kj and Todd are both lucky you’re not the type to believe everything like others.

  10. CoffeeQueen says:

    I still don't understand this. Why lie about this? I thought for a while maybe this was something concocted by KJ, Julie and Todd. Now I'm not so sure. Why would a stan of Katie's do this? Attention? Must be but to show up without receipts is crazy.

  11. Vivid Life says:

    Julie is playing out her secret fantasy and nothing in her story makes sense.

    Does Toad and kj love each other? Maybe Toad and Kj has a marriage based on their common goal to spread as much hate and lies as possible, and deeply adore the others skills at getting sued? I can not see or feel any love between them, their relationship seems ice cold but Toad probably thinks a marriage is supposed to be like this. Poor guy.

  12. nancy nunn says:

    If everyone would stop talking about this it would just float into no man's land. There should be nothing left to discuss. It is a good way to keep people away from other stories. Pr #1

  13. Cristi S says:

    Awww damn, but I am proud of you for standing ur ground with that video. You are definitely Not to blame for her issues and parenting. That's on her Not you!

  14. DemenTEDbundy says:

    I WOULD want my boyfriend to see he would be the first person i told so he could chew the dude out ,but it didnt happen to her sooooo…. Nothing she did makes sense

  15. Allison Julian says:

    Well, AZ i just love your channel. This case is just sad, Julie makes no sense, if you have receipts show them. The real victims of this are Todd, and Road Hog . This women needs to have her mental health checked this is not cool to accuse a man of this with no receipts. I feel so bad for all the backlash Road Hog has gotten for giving her a platform to speak. Girl you are to be admired for keeping this real and calling her out. She makes no sense for her to be a member and report you for appropriate coverage of this is bs. No lawyer would tell her to sit on proof. He would say put it out there and help her proceed from there. This is shady shady palm tree. Lord who would do something like this for attention or to cause trouble for others for attention and put their reputation and lives in jeporady is horrible. For five minutes of glory. She is making it hard for others who have been in this situation to report their accusations against others for s/a or the r word to come forward and be heard and helped and put their accusers where they need to be . This is horrible these victims should be heard and helped people like her make everyone second guess these victims and they are drilled and manipulated till they give up thats why so many of these people get by with this , is because people like Julie make their path harder to report. Please keep up your content AZ you are great your members and subscribers got your back for sure.

  16. Snowcat Tish says:

    Even before you started slicing the swiss cheese, I didn't believe Julie's story.
    I just don't think Todd is dumb enough to cheat on Katie with one of Katie's subs or a Katie-hater.
    I just don't see it, that is flying too close to the sun, Icarus.

  17. BlackKoiRecords says:

    Thank you for doing this. In America it's not only difficult to live a life of normalcy after being accused without proof as a male, but it's legitimately dangerous! Believe all accused but complete with proof!

  18. Rhonda Moore says:

    Why has not dozens of people struck kj’s channel and her bullying bs.????

  19. Strollin Trollin says:

    No way todd wanted to blow her back out. No freakin way. Not buying it might to mention her story is what I believe you call shady shady palm tree

  20. Her Majesty says:

    Cribs tour ☠️☠️☠️

  21. MeshiesPlace says:

    I wanted to believe Julie but without the proof it’s her word against his. That don’t work for me. This is such a bad thing accusing someone and not having the proof to back it up. This could ruin someone’s life ( not that I care even one red cent about Todd) Julie can’t keep saying these things happened if she’s not going to show any proof. Also there are so many holes in her story. I personally would not keep talking to someone who made me feel uncomfortable. I would be avoiding them at all cost.

  22. Rachek Leblanc says:

    That's really crossing the line talking so horrible about V that's just sick

  23. Water your Melons says:

    Not trying to be rude just want to point out a fact. Well something I believe is fact. I truly believe Todd didn't say anything it of the way to Julie. My main reason for coming to this conclusion, she's not his type. No way is Todd trying to hit that and break her back out. No way. She's fat from his type. Point blank period. That's so she wrote lol. Part of me feel bad for her she desperate for attention. People like that are scary imo especially the length the took the bogus story to

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