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  1. Kat P says:

    What if they high balance parts are different?

  2. Kim Baptiste says:

    what about a repo that is still reporting as opened? Its only reporting to Equifax, how do I factual dispute this?

  3. Allison P says:

    What if a bureau report shows the charged off balance but not who it was sold to or a monthly payment

  4. Joe Price says:

    What if it says invalid date under company sold ?

  5. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

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  6. jessikugh mejia says:

    what if I have a charge off/ collection account showing as OPEN?

  7. Jay Hubb says:

    So do I send a letter to each credit bureau at the same time? If my credit report balance shows as such (I.e) TransUnion balance $770 Equifax $0 Experian $0.

  8. Santana Renee says:

    Do I say when disputing the account shouldnt have a balance or should I say this is incorrect please delete. Meaning should I tell them ehars wrong and ask for deletion!? Because I feel if I tell them they will update with correct info. Please if u have time reply. And thank u

  9. Carm C says:

    Under the "Term" field, if it shows 1 month, what does this mean ?

  10. Dennis says:

    Where should I view my credit reports ?

  11. George Senda says:

    Your free consultation link does not work on my Mac.

  12. Ariana Gonzalez says:

    Do you use a special software or website to see all three bureaus in the same sheet?

  13. LaQuanda Thomas says:

    Except Credit Sweeps Hello ma'am I have a Capitol One Auto Loan and Capital One Credit Card both are closed/charge offs but they have both been sold to debt collectors none of my credit reports show they were sold they are updating on my report monthly I thought no activity after closed/charge off can they still report monthly making it look late after their closed/charged off
    Thanks for your reply.

  14. somethingnew13 says:

    What if it's with original creditor that shows a balance but listed as charged-off

  15. Dak Dur says:

    I have a question, yes these things are being reported incorrectly, if I tell them that, they will just update it and it won’t ever get removed??

  16. SixFootFemme says:

    I have an account that I am willing to pay, but I want it deleted. How do I get them to do that when they claim they " don't do that"?
    BTW , it is Verizon

  17. NERD PLANET says:

    What if there's a balance on a charge-off but late and not sold? How can this be disputed?

  18. snook Taylor says:

    What if it the original company but there's no blance

  19. Sandra Gomez says:

    Hi Kristin!
    First, I just have to say I love watching your videos!
    I have a one question. PRA bought a charge off account from an original creditor and is now reporting the wrong amount on the credit report, wouldn’t that be an FDCPA violation? Can that collection account be deleted because of the wrong amount reported?

  20. FICO Pump says:

    awesome post. keep up the great work

  21. Michael Jordan says:

    I tried that but all they did was update the account.

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