TIME TRIALS: Signup & Cancelling Credit Monitoring Services – #FINANCEAGENTS LIVE! 047

Finance Agents does Time Trials of Credit Monitoring Services – #FINANCEAGENTS LIVE! 047 –

Last week Tim Mc discussed a number of credit monitoring websites to review which is best.

One thing he didn’t discuss is how easy it is to sign up for the site and how hard it is to cancel once you’ve joined. Since the last show Tim Mc has done TIME TRIALS for every site.

Watch as Tim sees how quickly he can sign up for each site, and discusses any challenges he faces in the process. Then, see how long it takes to cancel from each website, including his real live calls to customer service departments where he must argue with some companies to cancel!

As always, the show is live and unscripted, and we are here to answer your questions about getting business funding, succeeding as an independent funding broker, or making a consistent stream of residual income as a referring agent.

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