TikTok Is Worse Than You Thought

Delete TikTok Before It’s Too Late…

Tiktok is a psychological weapon and is one of the evilest businesses in modern history. TikTok is trash because Tiktok makes money from your misery. Tiktok is garbage because it is funding China’s 2049 plan. CCP’s Bytedance is making billions of dollars from AI technology that is ruining society. Tiktok makes money by destroying society and culture. Tiktokers are making millions of dollars and making lots of money from selling out to the business of China’s Bytedance which is why Tiktok is bad and Tiktok is trash.

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21 Responses

  1. GØĐ Gaming says:

    Only one thing I wanna say the hard work you put on your video is worth it . I couldn't skip a bit . Damn good video man

  2. lattesu says:

    14:15 this means you're f u c k e d

  3. froog says:

    this is the future all those dystopian science fiction novels tried to warn us about. question is, is it already too late to change the outcome?

  4. OnePlayer480 says:

    To those who downloaded and then deleted Tik-Tok, your cellphone is most likely compromised.

    The only way to truly get rid of Tik-Tok is to destroy your phone.

    Reminder that deleting Tik-Tok doesn't end it's tracking capabilities, there's evidence that certain leftover files need to be manually removed in order to "kill" it's sound recording capabilities and there's also some experiments which results might imply it can "latch" onto certain cellphones operating systems and still faintly try to send leftover data from certain apps that aren't really that good at protecting themselves.

    I say it again, the only way to truly get rid of Tik-Tok is to destroy your phone

    Also, throwing it into the trash might not be a good idea either because if someone somehow manages to find it and use it, they will be sending their data too and if not it will try to send whatever sounds it hears on the way to get destroyed which also risks the security of whoever picks up the trash, which also makes it not a good idea to just throw it somewhere random, atleast drain the battery before doing that so it can't do anything anymore.

    Throwing it into the water might also be a good idea, just saying.

  5. I download it because im curious. After 30 mins of watching i just uninstalled it.. other vids are ok, but other vids are making me cringe…

  6. Bille994 says:

    All this rhetoric is terrifying. It really feels like the beginning of a new chapter in geopolitics that ends in world war, a bit like the 1920s/30s

  7. What makes me sad is, my jobs require me to post promotion into social media…

  8. Hard to take it serious when you spell Chinese “chinease”

  9. pixies says:

    yeah, it’s hard for my attention span to last unless i’m literally stoned. sad, i know. but it’s the only way i feel intrigued. everything feels so long, like this youtube video? i’m only halfway through because i’m stoned and enjoying it. fucking fuck tiktok man

  10. kenshin891 says:

    When you really stop and think, China is ultimately using addiction against us. Just like the British did to them with Opium when they kicked off the Century of Humiliation. I would be shocked if this wasn't a conscious motive or at least part of the Party's official line

  11. Alyse Hein says:

    your weird political dogwhistles were a little uncomfortable and obvious but other than that the video reaffirms why I deleted tiktok

  12. Matthieu R. says:

    Thank god I never installed this shit.

  13. Lol got a Tiktok add before this video

  14. marie Ochoa says:

    Tiktok has both good and bad aspects just like the rest of the internet. There's some amazing and positive content on there some of which has really helped me. There's spread of culture and adults teaching younger generations things they may not fully understand yet. Tiktok is both good and bad, like facebook, youtube, google even.

  15. Alyse Hein says:

    Glad I never hopped on the bandwagon even if I'm not cool for it. I actually had an awful experience with a guy recording me without my knowledge and comments were making fun of my appearance. When I reported it (and a lot of my friends also reported it), tiktok said it didn't violate their policy. Ever since then, I've been resolute about not giving an app like that my time.

  16. Hyber Konawa says:

    I never had Tik tok and never wanted to download cuz people act weird.

  17. Drew L says:

    In order to delete TikTok I would have to had downloaded it first. I've completely abandoned social media with the exception of YouTube. I recommend it for everyone. It's liberating

  18. You do realize that this is just counter propaganda? The west has been influensing the whole world the same way china is now for decades.

  19. pinefalls says:

    duh no shit shurlock

  20. Tommy Dino says:

    This is like a black mirror episode man…the world is becoming a scary place

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