Thursday Night Live – Live Q&A – Defending Debt Collection Lawsuits, Bankruptcy, & More!

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It’s time for our weekly Thursday Night Live Q&A where we talk about strategies and approaches on how to deal with debt collection lawsuits and even what to expect from the bankruptcy process.

Every Thursday night we go live with a question & answer on how to defense debt collection lawsuits, chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy, Debt settlement and more.

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5 Responses

  1. JamesSays says:

    What happens if you file Chapter 7 (California) and forget to list a creditor AND you had no assets to distribute to any creditors AND the debt you forgot to report is a dischargable debt?

    Thank you!

  2. Nancy says:

    Thank-You for info. guess I got tricked into signing a blank "consent judgment" prior to 'Motion Summary' hearing by law firm for debt buyer. I attempted to go print off as instructed a "pdf" "consent judgment" the other day. The vehicle was riding in started acting up making all kinds of pounding noises. When I heard from the law firm again today. Once again they wanted the "consent judgment" signed. Updated Comment: ended up signing the 'consent judgment' and they are asking for monthly payments. Although they did not include on the form the amount they want per month. It's like they said in the written message to me. When they requested that I sign and return the form. By signing the 'consent form' it "should" cancel any upcoming hearing. Obviously it did not read will cancel. Hoping for the best news ….I could not afford a lawyer.

  3. Tomas Bond says:

    If you agree on a agreement figure ,can it be paid in payments or must be lump sum that date .

  4. Michael Evans says:

    How do I find someone to negotiate a settlement amount. For a suit in Mebraska

  5. Danny L Harper says:

    Thanks John.. I am in Texas

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