Thursday Night Live! Bankruptcy, Debt Collection Lawsuits – Live Q&A

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Weekly Q&A on all things debt – collection lawsuits, bankruptcy, and more.

Each Thursday night attorney John Skiba does a live Q&A to discuss defending yourself against debt collectors, bankruptcy, wage garnishment, and more.

Each Thursday night we do a livestream were we discuss all things debt, including defending a debt collection lawsuit, bankruptcy, wage garnishment, FDCPA claims, and more.

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2 Responses

  1. Cherry Blanc says:

    What if the collection agency charged it off it shows charged off but they sent you the title and said it was paid in full is ownership still 9/10 of the law once you have the title how can the debt still stand

  2. Joan says:

    Hello John I missed your live Q&A today. But I hope you see this.
    I have court in February 2022 and cavalry is the junk. How do I know what type of document is the real one to prove they really bought the debt? Please and thank you

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