'Those Three Letters Are Scary Enough': Tim Scott Rips Biden IRS Proposal

At today’s Senate Banking Committee hearing, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) slammed a proposal for the IRS to monitor all transactions of $600 or more.

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29 Responses

  1. Joshai S says:

    Look at this black dude selling out wit a smirk on his face

  2. tim lynch says:

    Then why do they wanna automatically audit anyone if they have a transaction of 600$

  3. Dexter Speights says:


  4. Bonnie Heikkila says:

    All liars

  5. Ryan Hedges says:

    What this man being questioned says is nothing but a bold face lie

  6. Sharon Ameskamp says:

    China Joe!!!!!!!

  7. Jim Harrow says:

    In 3 more years of this insanity you won't recognise this country any more… Their comming for you wealth… Your guns… Your social security… Your pensions… Your homes… Your freedom…
    What will it take for conservatives to fight back ???

  8. Jo Meszko says:

    It is so deep a hundred shovels are needed. FJB and his Adminitration.

  9. Stephanie So Scandalous says:

    Taxation without representation

  10. Stephanie So Scandalous says:

    That guy looks like he is barely out of high school. Can we get qualified people not identify politics appointments?

  11. Brenda Smith says:

    That's it throw shit on the wall and c what sticks. I rebuke this Administration. I declare and decree all malice sent out to return 10 fold on these haters of light

  12. Brenda Smith says:

    I call a BS meter on this. Joey Boi needs to be audited can u say Chi-nah.

  13. Larry Gee says:

    What happened to abolishing the eye are ess, & going to a flat tax over $60k?

  14. Alfred E says:

    Just once wouldn’t you like to hear of a bill to balance the budget, we have now, instead of adding another 3 TRILLION to the national Debt! Bonehead biden strikes again.

  15. Kamar Gee says:

    They better not pass that damn bill. Anyone with their head on straight knows this is an invasion of privacy and a burden on the people.

  16. L says:

    Thank you, Mr. Scott.

  17. Georgia todd says:

    So I got to document when I pay my 600 dollar telephone bill, God bless America but I can't wait until Nancy reports her taxes. What a shame and a disgrace alas aliens are tax-free?? Immigrants work and get food stamps. Shame on you people

  18. Rob J says:

    Everyone close your bank accounts! Support the usps go back to mail! Keep your cash in house!

  19. Diane True says:

    I trust no one in DC. We have no idea who is taking funds from, well whoever, whether they talk a good game or not. No one is standing up for audits. If these so called representatives are so smart why do they believe this Brandon guy won? Nothing I saw would insinuate that. Funny, the amount of silence. Too many complain after the horse is out of the gate. I cannot support a group of people who create problems and then think they have solutions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case trillions of debt and the loss of our liberty. Talk is cheap. This grand error is costly.

  20. Lois Summers says:

    B.S. Biden is a Scoliosis !!!

  21. S says:

    There doing all this? Noone go out to vote

  22. Gloria says:

    All the American people are asleep and the legislators on whose side they are, there is no longer law ”

  23. Dan says:

    $10,000 dollar transactions are made by everyday citizens? um, that's not true.

  24. MsT says:

    It's to give the government even more control over & access to what's left of our personal lives. The narrative they are pushing in defense of this is ludicrous.

  25. Bob Adams says:

    They're afraid the American people are waking up this is one way to put the boot back on our necks

  26. Sarcasm Unlimited says:

    People can use foreign banks over which IRS has no power.

  27. Yoanny Batista says:

    Yeah sure. Feed the government more power and very soon it will be a beast so large that will devour us all and enslave our children for many generations. Same story when they implemented the federal income tax and subsequently created the federal reserve system. It was sold to Americans as taxing the ultra rich and it backfired becoming a permanent staple of our society, to feed a debt based system. Off course the loopholes are there in the 60 thousand plus tax code that is an aberration to our freedoms and the pursuit of happiness. What they don’t get is that the rich does not have income. They have (under Trusts and legal entities) assets that gain value and produce cash flow which they spend and reinvest and pay federal taxes on what is left, allowed to write off any operating expenses and losses. All this to protect it from over taxation. The rich still pay more in other forms of taxes because their lifestyle is usually more expensive. Example: 150k car pays a larger sales tax than a 30k car. The same goes for real estate taxes and businesses they own or control. I would do the same if I was in their place when it comes to shelter any accumulated fortune. In contrast, the poor and middle class, w2, wage earner trade time for money, and before even collecting the fruit of their labor, the government takes the taxes out first and have to live off the remainder. This is compulsory and not voluntary as they want you to believe, for if you earn non w2 money in excess of $600 and not report it as income then you may face fines and possibly jail. It is the government’s mentality that they own the people and their sweat and labor. The citizens have become the colateral. The income taxes are actually geared towards paying the interest of the US National debt. All federal government programs are funded by loans from the federal reserve system. It is a hole that gets deeper and deeper year after year. It’s about control of the masses. The truth is hard to swallow. It all looks crazy but follow the “money trail” and apply the same rules they want for us to them. Politicians of any party get rich off their positions and lobbying. Get special treatment in all aspects of their lives and still want to preach to the masses their agendas so they can gain more control and influence. This happens also in socialism and communism, which are extreme forms of oppression. I lived in one so I know what I am talking about. A pure democracy is also imperfect because the masses can be swayed one way or the other by the works of this powerful influences. Mob mentality is not mental at all. Its the behavior of sheep’s. Off course I would like to be wealthier and not trade time for money and so do many other people. But this division that certain powerful groups have implemented, this dichotomy of left vs. Right is fundamentally useful in manipulating the rest of the world. We live in very uncertain and worrisome times. This model is in a process of decay. The government wants to grow and become your master, don’t let it.

  28. William Andrews says:

    Many Americans work hard and even risk their health and lives to do important work that has real value.

    They are forced to pay high taxes so Liberal politicians can give $Trillions to millions of people who don’t do anything of any value!

  29. William Andrews says:

    Liberals are determined to use the IRS to go after Conservatives.

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