Thor The Dark World (2013) Pre-Infinity War Rewatch! Comic Book Easter Eggs!

When was the last time you watched Thor The Dark World (2013)? The second film in the Thor franchise is probable the most hated movie of the Thor trilogy, but what did you think? There are so many hidden references to future MCU movies, Phase 2 and 3! Thor has returned to Asgard alongside Loki to team up with Odin, Fridge, the Warriors 3, and Sif to help save Jane Foster. Jane has come in contact with the Aether, one of the 6 infinity stones, most likely the reality stone. Malekith and his Dark Elves attack Asgard to retrieve their weapon, and Thor’s mother Frigga dies in battle. Loki and Thor attempt to outwit Malekith, which leads to the fake death of Loki. Thor, Erik Selvig, Darcy, Intern Ian, and Jane work together to manipulate the portals/wormholes of the Convergence event affecting the Nine Realms, which leads to the death of Malekith and Thor choosing to live on Earth. However, it looks like Loki has replaced Odin in Asgard and the Collector now has his hands on the Aether, seeking out all the Infinity Stones. Will Thor be able to kiss Jane a few more times in this film? Yes, he can. Cause we’ve all probably seen this movie. But there are still plenty of awesome easter eggs that will blow your mind on the rewatch. See if I missed any and let me know which one’s were your favorite. Let me know down below or on twitter @OnlyStpdAnswers!



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49 Responses

  1. Mgq1 Oop67 says:

    The delirious budget superfamily empty because delivery importantly confess towards a truthful answer. black, ajar bra

  2. BalaTheHero9 says:

    Why are they called the Warriors Three when there's more than 3 warriors

  3. Cutiecase 55 says:

    Who knows maybe we will see throg as Thor’s pet frog

  4. Ben Cobert says:

    Sam "I'll get to that later/I just want to point out" Bashor is horrible.

  5. Anrob Hems says:

    Don't know if this has already been posted, but… Loki cuts off Thor's hand referencing The Empire Strikes Back and in Greenwich there's a licence plate that reads SWII DWX… Star Wars 2? Dark World…X? Just a thought…

  6. hi says:

    OK. How is it that LOKI was NOT scripted into the THOR 2. like WHAT!?!?

  7. Les Fountain says:

    I thought the ice dog was called a bilchsnipe. Brief reference inThe Avengers.

  8. hanh lam says:

    Your Thor that

  9. Robert Corkern says:

    Perhaps a philosophical easter egg. By this story Malekith may be the oldest character we have seen in the MCU. It was not a god who killed him. He was killed with science at a scientist hand. It was not Thor, but Professor Selvig. This is not accidental. Friedrich Nietzsche suggested that science has killed the gods.

  10. FihzNzqli says:


    2019: Mysterio literally confirms that the MCU is Earth-616… At least in movie form

  11. Tristen says:

    We are in 616

  12. Helena Flockhart says:

    Fun fact, "Svartalfheim" in modern Swedish (which stems from old norse) literally means "Dark Elf Realm" (svart=black, alf=elf). There's actually loads things from Norse mythology that are used in sci-fi and fantasy that is super obvious if you speak a Scandinavian language (like Midgård in Danish literally means "Middle Plain"… Or "Middle Earth")

  13. Cielo Arcadio says:

    7:38 I can see him. His face and horns are at the top right.. his body is sliced with the yellow lava. And his feet are at the opposite side.

  14. Michael Martin says:

    Rewatching this makes my pussy so wet for avengers 4…

  15. Ben Androvich says:

    Loving it Sam! Thank you!!

  16. knalle kalle says:

    1:35 Dr Strange and Malekith should have switched stones. Changing reality so that the laws of physics is ignored is "strange", and "going back to the Dark Ages" sounds like it requires the Time Stone.

  17. Mr Berry says:

    I LOVED this film

  18. Minimatt233 says:


  19. Joshua Vis says:

    I actually saw borgs helmet next to Adam worloks cacoon. It might not be but it really looks like it

  20. Lionel Aluku says:

    So is the coat hanger worthy ?

  21. Arin Jäger says:

    lady sif was on agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. (which was a cool cameo)

  22. Elon Wissing says:

    Svartalfheim basically means Black-Elf-Home (Heim isnt a word in swedish, but I´m guessing it means home because the swedish word for home is HEM). //Swede

  23. Devansh Rajput says:

    How did Loki revive after death? That's something I'm confused about.

  24. Brendyn Bouchard says:

    In the seen where Thor’s sulking about him not being able to see Jane, Fandral is wearing his comic accurate costume.

  25. yoursjuli says:

    I'm doing my MCU rewatch this week (thanks, spring break) and I literally skipped this one. I've seen it so many times because it's always playing on FX for some reason. Especially when Ragnarok came out.

  26. Bryant says:

    i really like these rewatch episodes!!!

  27. J.J. Omar 21 says:

    In the end credit scene Jane is actually played by Chris Hemsworth's wife.

  28. Norcal says:

    Catching up on all the MCU movies and I found this better than Thor 1 to be honest

  29. Daniël says:

    Am i the only one that thinks loki is being milked out??

  30. Hakainokami says:

    Worst MCU movie by far

  31. DocZilla says:

    Ragnarok even explained why the dead were burned instead of buried. No need to give Hela more troops.

  32. John Pangarakis says:

    Great shirt

  33. Mr. Clean says:

    lol this movie was the only mcu movie i did not watch

  34. Aiden Parsons says:

    Still havent seen this movie lol 9nly one i havent seen

  35. WackyWally8 says:

    btw… Sorry for being too sweaty! These video's are awesome!

  36. Tejus Govani says:

    Anyone think they'll bring Sif back?

  37. Andrew Gordon says:

    Fun fact: Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool (2016) and the upcoming Terminator film with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Linda Hamilton directed the opening scene in 2,988 B.C. Of Bor defeating the Dark Elves.

  38. Norafrommiami Clarke says:

    I just love Sam !!!!

  39. The Mystical Unicorn says:


  40. Baruch Hughes says:

    I kinda wanna hear your review/impressions of the movie.

  41. John Crutchfield says:

    love the shirt

  42. WackyWally8 says:

    Skurge was created by Lee & Kirby. Journey into Mystery #103 (April, 1964)

  43. WackyWally8 says:

    Malekith first appeared in Thor 344, June 1984.

  44. DrViperVideos says:

    I forgot literally everything in this movie

  45. Tragical Official says:

    why does everyone dislike the thor movies? they're good, not the best marvel movies but still good

  46. Kabir Bhatnagar says:

    That shirt tho……love it

  47. Brilliantt86 says:

    "So cool…"

  48. John Flemings says:

    Pronounced Hyoogen and Myoonen FYI Sam.

  49. Michael Josias says:

    Kurse is kinda like Megatron on T5

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