This Kind of Credit Repair Will Land You in Jail!

If so called credit repair “experts” claim to offer any of the following credit repair services, run the other way.

They are:

1. Credit Sweeps
2. Aged Trade Lines
3. CPNs

In this video, I share how people are ruining the credit repair industry because they are janky.

Don’t fall for their tricks, over promises, and guarantees. Their tactics could land you in jail.

Watch until the end.

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32 Responses

  1. Tyrone Moore says:

    Mr. White I have some accounts on my report that I have settled for lower than the actual debt. But they’re showing as charge off for less can those be removed

  2. Robert Phillips says:

    Stop down talking about other people to sell your bullshtttttt

  3. Lonnie 1Love says:

    Ok I’m back again

  4. Culture Freedom says:

    What do you think about Him500?

  5. Bailey Reed says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time. I appreciate you.

  6. Paula Murrien says:

    Great content! I appreciate you and your team.

  7. truther cat says:

    Tried repeatedly to register for master class…no deal

  8. DJ Xolani says:

    Funny how this video attracted so many scammers to come and try to defend themselves, but making themselves look even more scammy! Great video!

  9. William Roggers says:

    I’m not really sure how to interpret this video and all going to YouTube you’re obviously advertising. But if people listen to what you just said anyone starting out in the industry will look “janky” Trade line in CPN Are pretty decent advice coming from a professional or not. If there’s someone your trying to call out then just call that company out.. I am sure a future clientele would rather know who to avoid directly instead of half hearted warnings.

  10. Rosie Liang says:

    Hi found you on utube… my issues is that my credit is in the low 6's . I've looked at my credit report . I hv 3 inquiries and student loan collection a nd its paid off. How do I get it off my credit report.

  11. Leah Withthelocs says:

    Sorry to be so forward, how come you don't service GA?

  12. Leah Withthelocs says:

    So basically, all you really need for good credit is a STABLE source of income, discipline to only use 10% of the credit cards , and TIME..

  13. Leah Withthelocs says:

    I have a credit repair lady who does my credit sweeps, it takes about 45-60 days and she removes everything!!! She also says she does not file the identity theft route…. Is that still illegal? I didnt see anything on my credit file about identity theft..

  14. Nathaniel Walters says:

    Isn't being added to someone account as an AU legal?

  15. Daniel nseca says:

    Payment for deletion!

  16. Dwayne Germany Poole says:

    I purchased and added some good My Jewelers & Discover Card tradelines on my report and my score improved really fast all thanks to "Superlative Internet Guru" (search on google) & text @ (ANDY 1850.610.2734) for similar help regarding credit repair and they have some pretty good tradelines too, far better credit repair service than dispute letter process

  17. dinero lopez says:

    This dude is a clown

  18. dinero lopez says:

    Tradelines are not illegal ….It is not illegal to add a auth user to your credit card ……Are applying for your own tradelines are not illegal ….Everyone that does a sweep is not reporting fraud …Bro u are doing a lot of lying and putting extras on it bro ….I see how u get your business by hating bro ….U cant jus get someones info and piggy back anyone u need to stop it bro…….U are not the only one that does legit credit repair ….

  19. Mr Ivy says:

    I don't understand how the car dealers can take the car you have been paying on for over 3 months.

  20. Stanley Sylvain says:

    5:00.00 Taking off negatives off your report illegally.

  21. Chandra says:

    First off if you have that kind of money to pay someone upfront to fix your credit, pay the bill off send the dispute yourself. There are ways to rebuild your credit legally it is sad that the scammers are taking advantage of people who are losing their hard earned money and risk losing jobs going to jail and being listed with identity theft on their record.

  22. Gabriel Guzman says:

    There is this one credit repair company that does take them 6 months to repair your credit it's legit

  23. Desireh Cee says:

    This clown doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  24. Kareem C says:

    How can I contact you? I have a question

  25. Maro Vok says:

    You want to do YouTube videos and u can’t buy a cheap mic ,your audio is super low ..

  26. Dak Dur says:

    You mentioned here something about building credit, how many on time payments will outway one late payment, or does 2 well paid accounts outweigh a charge off account?
    Also adding good history I’m told makes the old creditors sue you because all of a sudden it looks like you care and become collectible in their eyes?

  27. Dak Dur says:

    So question I got with a company and in their contract which I later read it says something along the lines of them putting a fraud alert on my credit, is this illegal?

  28. Geordan Capes says:

    I know ppl who do “janky” credit as u call it & are rich. Have cars & businesses under cpns.. don’t let somebody steer u wrong because they aren’t making as much money as the next person who has different methods. I know ppl who have done cpns for 30 years & have never been arrested or gotten anyone else arrested or even gotten someone’s car took for “doing it wrong”

  29. Geordan Capes says:

    U most definitely know a lot about credit but your giving a lot of false information my guy.. yes a lot of the stuff u said is accurate but it’s over exaggerated as well..

  30. Catrina XOXO says:

    Now this is just CRAZY!!! I would have never guessed ppl were doing this! If it's too good to be true. It is!!!

  31. KB SAUVAGE WORLD says:

    i subs everything on here sound legit and my language

  32. Jason White says:

    Need help fixing your credit? Sign up for my credit repair service here:

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