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  1. Darryl Grace says:

    Trade Lines

  2. Darryl Grace says:

    I stayed on the phone with factory trust for about 2 hours before they answer. They want me to send information into them.

  3. Darryl Grace says:

    Express clothes are high, but it’s good to the card on my file.

  4. Darryl Grace says:

    I got the express store card. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Darryl Grace says:

    Well mine is over 620 but still need to get it up



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  7. Darryl Grace says:

    How do you get your true FICO score?

  8. Darryl Grace says:

    How much will it help if you get a loan to pay off all your credit card?

  9. Jirell Stanford says:

    Won't it hurt you,if you remove hard inquiries that is linked to opened accounts?I'm curious about that and question, my credit scores are in low 700s and how can I try to get more credit history?

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