This Is How the Financial System Dies: Protect Your Money Now Urges Lynette Zang

After her blockbuster interview with our Daniela Cambone, Lynette Zang is back to talk about the coming restrictions and the Federal Reserve’s plan to unleash a digital currency. ‘With programmable money, they will be able to do anything with a push of a button,” Zang says.

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43 Responses

  1. Stefano Sensini says:

    Daniela: e' ora di aggiornare il microfono….troppo voce dall'aldila'. A Pro Mic would be good….ciao

  2. The Waitress says:

    Videos like these are why I subscribed to this channel. No B.S. or fluff about what is truly going on.

  3. AS1313 says:

    Gold enabled commerce to go back and forth across the oceans China and Russia and Arab countries and India are all stock piling as much as possible They know it has intrinsic value. It’s real money. It has value. It’s been a store of value back 12000 years. Bitcoin is around only recently. It has no real value. People are going to take a beating with it. Sit on your gold until your pants wear out if your smart. Same with silver. They have intrinsic value. The Chinese and Russians and Indians and Arabs are not stupid. Get smart like them. They are storing tons

  4. jon7091 says:

    What happens when the great reset happens and we own nothing including shelter

  5. Yawzer Doinksrus says:

    Lynette is the bomb

  6. DIYDaveT says:

    Lynette, you have lost weight. Congrats.

  7. James Sylvestri says:

    Most definitely the govt knows what is going on and I live o t a street

  8. wes c says:

    This is the downside of any gov that is in financial trouble or have been handed unchecked power.
    There's nothing within their reach or nothing you have that they can't take.
    If this happens then the light comes on and people will understand how wise the Constitution was. Of course at that point its too late.

  9. Joel Travis says:

    Gold Gong


    iT MAKES ME sick when this rich people tell us about all their abundance

  11. Judith Stevens says:


  12. massey subra says:

    Janet Yellin Looks like a baby vampire

  13. Norman Flint says:

    Deutsche Bank trumpy's favorite clean, lol, Bank..

  14. Ada A Diaz says:

    We cannot possibly purchase gold right and left, especially in bars, and put it in a safe at a financial institution. If the federal government is going to take control of our bank accounts, then even our gold won’t be saved either.

  15. John H says:

    Rising inflation is that when you cannot afford a mignonette filette or a quality steak, and a loaf of bread ..oh we have bread?

  16. John H says:

    What is the minimum about the kind of MONEY to make it worth your time to even listen to your programme. ….

  17. John H says:

    Buying gold you must provide where you live… there know a where you live

  18. John H says:

    Explain how all this ‘talk’ benefits ‘Joe’ in the street.

  19. John H says:

    So how do the little people who have no investments, have no VIEW of the coming world protect the money they do not have, they are wage slaves….the wealthy and the elites, the BIGS are the winners as they have forced the formerly middle class into enslavement, but these are free thinkers, and they will see the writing on the wall and will let the elites eat their own cake

  20. Steven Artascos says:

    Brilliant interview, right down to where the rubber meets the road… This Fiat currency experiment is coming to an end…

  21. Craig Fleshman says:

    Stop printing money to collapse our economy and have everyone go back to work. If you work, you can control your lifes direction, put money away for the future when and where its needed and this will put your tax money into the government in order to pay off debt without printing more money which devalues your assets and collapses the economy.

  22. John H says:

    Unreal, unconnected.happy people in a disconnected world

  23. John H says:

    You can buy GOLD, and you can do that when you don’t have even a roof, you have no visibility of your next meal is coming from. Throwing money at the masses – aubergine they should have thrown cake…privileged commentators.

  24. John H says:

    What I see here is simply A will you are being told what’s coming so do what you are told…ACCEPT.

  25. John H says:

    Bloody great – how do people with moderate to next to F all buy metals, they can collected Coke cans

  26. Cindy Watman says:

    I love Lynette..she speaks on such a practical level…I have one question. If you own gold and silver and you hold it for the time when you have to pay bills like property taxes, do you sell the amount of gold you need to pay the bills, put that proceed check in the bank and then write checks for your expenses?

  27. Amyteur Life says:

    Whoa Whoa Whoa…If this won't wake you up, nothing will.

  28. pEakSnFrEaKs says:

    Is this advice just for America ? Or is this global ?

  29. Warrior says:

    No need to panic, I don't think we'll see any major change in the next 20 years.

  30. Stephany Hannon says:

    OK- how/where do I buy gold & silver?!!

  31. Jeremy Barriga says:

    You did not choose Bitcoin, it chose you.

  32. M Chiovari says:

    Moving toward government issued digital currency allows the govt to spy on their citizens. First step stop minting physical coins? Why is there a coin shortage, is a paper currency shortage next?

  33. Blockchain Safety says:

    The new financial system will start this Nov/Dec. Take your money out the banks folks.

  34. Kimberly Carlton says:

    What do you do if you don't have the money for gold and silver, to protect yourself.

  35. Bill Broekema says:

    Daniela , you have a very good audible voice to be proud off.The best.

  36. artak arzuman says:

    Yeah, go to a remote area, dig a deep bunker, stash all your gold in to
    it, lock all the lids and stay there for the rest of your life. Even
    better, become a caveman. There is a good movie to watch and see what
    happens when you go into a bunker with a bunch of canned food, its called "10 Cloverfield Lane".

  37. Sulekha Prasannan says:

    Great positive thoughts.

  38. Stanley Dmello says:

    Very cool and interesting. May she contact Jesus for the spiritual and be supersafe and growing

  39. v v says:

    So how is gold valuable when we’re clearly moving to a digital finance? I’m not being sarcastic, did I miss something?

  40. citationau says:

    This applies to America?

  41. Dog Soldier says:

    If society breaks down like she is predicting.
    Money will be of no value because there will be nothing to purchase.
    And you can't prep your way out of it because at some point you will run out.
    That being said I think she's correct.
    How many of us can isolate ourselves due to our medical issues.

  42. Lori Gordon says:

    Hey look its a member of the golden gammon gang.

  43. nexgencodecamp says:

    I wonder if she's seen the Walking Dead? "We are Negan"

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