THF Bayzoo Speaks on Muwop, CMurda, Los Munna & Kenny Mac K!lling FBG Duck "SnitchK"

Lil Durk Mud Brother THF Bayzoo on Muwop, CMurda, Los Munna & Kenny Mac K!lling FBG Duck “SnitchK” Muwop Co Defendant Denied Bond in Bail Hearing One 2 Cars Involved in K!lling of FBG Duck “SBA Loan” Muwop & CThang Arrested on K!lling FBG Duck in Gold Coast Feds Raid O Block
Nolimit Wet Sends a Message to FBG Cash & G Herbo Club Situation “Get Drenched”
Lil Durk Mud Brother OTF Boona 300 Arrested in Atlanta Over Mall Shooting Outside Mall

Lil Durk & Muwop Reaction to Chicago Paperwork on Opps “THF Bayzoo Being Snitched On”

#LilDurk & #Muwop Reaction to Chicago Paperwork on Opps “#THFBayzoo Being Snitched On”

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34 Responses

  1. The Queen says:

    Or maybe the paperwork that dropped last week that he was snitched on‼️

  2. Latrail Davis says:

    End of the day buddy goofy azz hell using his own car. Now singing like a Carney for less time

  3. King Ali-El says:

    When the Feds come in somebody already snitching!.. They don't need snitches now, they have all the evidence they need… When 69 snitched he just sped the case up b.u.t. truthfully they already had the info…

  4. Wonda Smalls says:

    If Someone killed my first son the feds would’ve been on somebody’s ass, I would’ve made a nigga think twice about trying to kill my other son

  5. Kmet Official says:

    Is this DJ ak?

  6. Ms. Cee says:

    It look like a No rat sign, too me

  7. YPL Y.O. says:

    I’ve never study nothin in my life as hard as dis Chicago rap south side generational beef ass crazy shit in my life, my GED teacher would be proud then a mf

  8. Joe Proctor says:

    Kenny Mac from dog pound?????? Wtf goin on

  9. Kobe Lebro says:

    bay zoo the 50 cent of OTF

  10. stonegetmoney says:

    And I don’t think they telling or going to tell there’s maybe a rat though if the feds have a case but I hardly doubt those lids are going to tell on each other they too close

  11. Dark knight says:

    Start snitching!!!!

  12. Brasi Bihh says:

    Durk sellin out to get off dem charges

  13. Wendy M says:

    He's saying kenny mack snitched. SnitchK. That's what I think.

  14. Bruce Moore says:

    To be honest if the feds said they got their info from YouTube and bloggers if Wop and the guys got a dawg ass lawyer and foenem keep their mouths closed this case can be a mistrial.

  15. Deven Stewart says:

    The snitch is them online with that bs and the one who killed himself he already had a convo with the feds and knew the feds was coming

  16. Street GospeL says:

    How duck mom snitched if they told on themselves?

  17. elixir tg says:

    Zell Munna probably told then killed himself

  18. kurt says:

    I NEVER LIKED THIS S*IT like this these young black men real lives and people using them as entertainment from the safari channel it was always sad to me i felt it when duck passed n von cause when you got to know them through their music you seen what type of ppl they could be it was beautiful moments when you seen them together celebrating making music videos and sad seeing them become ghost on YouTube

  19. Beautiful Soul says:

    No damn snitchk them boys was messy with this hit and arrogance

  20. Clarity 29 says:

    Only two reasons this Rico is happening is the murder was done in Gold coast, Oblock/ OTF was becoming too powerful and Planning to but Oblock.

  21. Mary Davis says:

    Dj akademik is the reason this shidtika started with his mouth on social media lining ppl up to be murdered .frfr .period .

  22. Amelias Baby says:

    Jamaica more violent than Chicago best believe fatboy ain't made his come up off that

  23. Indiana Jones says:

    They all been pushed towards dead opps in songs and prone to violence more from the record labels. It's all about money for the elites. More money sells, more crime for prisons to be filled

  24. mamadou lamine dramé says:

    the only thing I can't understand in Chicago is two people who should be at peace from a family point of view who become enemies. Rahem of THF 046 is a close relative of Duck, Rahem's murderer was a close friend of duck and Zoo who was the protector of Rahem and boyfriend of Rahem's mom is enemy and Duck. I'm really fucking confused.

  25. Yg Bodybuilder says:

    Ak don't know shiiit

  26. The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions says:

    What you expect durk to rap about? Especially when it get crazy. He around drama. So he gone rap about it. If he was brought up in the burbs he would rap about it.

  27. D B says:

    Y'all gotta cool it. Them boys got picked up by the feds. Ain't nobody gotta snitch to the feds. If that's the case they would have been snatched them up. The feds was doing they homework and that's why they took so long to pick them up. I bet more than half of y'all on here talking don't know how the feds move. They knew who did it the same day as it happened. The feds will let you do dirt for 10 years and and at the end of that 10 years they will snatch ya ass up. 7-4

  28. KingThugga Tv says:

    This crazy everyone blaming the wrong people but I believe people want them in jail regardless

  29. C-Note Staxs says:

    What’s crazy about it all DJ AK is the reason all this stuff started he mad his career of the war in chiraq smh Ak plays a big roll in this stuff himself

  30. kevin barry says:

    AK is a fool and this is coming from a white boy he talks way 2 much shit! he do be promoting it aswell by keep talking about it and making money off his videos! Not everyone YouTubes what lil durk and youngenace are on about in there songs till that dope brings it up and points it out! Before von got killed he was pressing him on live about beefs he had with YB and others his job is to ask about music not beefs but yet the dope keeps getting involved

  31. Laylaw Boyd says:

    Who tf is snitch k

  32. Randall morris says:

    That’s off a I g page he always repost things from that page

  33. tilias orr says:

    They only got caught because this happened downtown Chicago… bayzoo from Cabrini where I’m from…… Cabrini was what parts of the Gold Coast/downtown is today.. I promise u if duck would have got killed out west or south.. case would’ve went no where

  34. CW says:

    Yall clowns love calling somebody a informant without a lick of paperwork or evidence

Leave a Reply