These Celebs Died From Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has not only devastated economies and changed our way of life, but it exhausted the resources at hospitals all across the world. It’s also sadly taken the lives of millions of people.

The Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate, and it has also taken the lives of the rich and famous in the entertainment world. It’s taken the lives of a great singer-songwriter and storyteller, a renowned playwright, and a beloved magician and entertainer, to name just a few.

The list keeps growing and in honor of those who left us because of the coronavirus we’ve made a list of celebs who died from the virus.

#COVID19 #Celebs #RIP

Manu Dibango | 0:00
Floyd Cardoz | 0:55
Terrence McNally | 1:43
Mark Blum | 2:34
Joe Diffie | 3:30
Andrew Jack | 4:27
Adam Schlesinger | 5:22
Ellis Marsalis Jr. | 6:24
John “Bucky” Pizzarelli | 7:14
Lee Fierro | 8:05
Jay Benedict | 8:47
John Prine | 9:23
Hal Willner | 10:34
Allen Daviau | 11:15
Hilary Heath | 12:12
Allen Garfield | 13:11
Julie Bennett | 13:58
Roy Horn | 14:34

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34 Responses

  1. Max Maxwell says:

    you missed MaryAnn from Gilligans island

  2. justin lowe says:

    Everyone was elderly…next up the flu version…by the way besides The magicians…nobody is a

  3. Vin Trav says:

    And yet the NBA, congress critters, postal workers don't have to get the jab.. But the peeons do.. Can you explain this??

  4. Pwecko says:

    Isn't it strange that almost nobody has died of flu in the last 18 months? Cases of flu went down almost 100%. Has flu been cured,? Or have many cases of flu been misdiagnosed as covid? I'm going for the latter.

  5. Postghost says:

    So shady how they open it with Paul Hogan, yet, ofc, hes not dead.

  6. Lisa Jackson says:

    They DIED from other complications!!!

  7. Jolene Adorna says:

    You can thank "Dr." Fauci for this….and all the more important commoners who have died or will die next as well as those living with the long term effects of the disease and the mRNA vaccine.

  8. Bonzo Craft says:

    Notice HOW OLD most of these people were when they died?

  9. Jim Brown says:

    “Treatment”. …Wait till you get so sick you need a YouTube down yr throat. Still the cutting edge of treatment in HOSPITAL.

  10. Donn Layne says:

    ..the government lied about Iraq…and 911…and they are lying now

  11. Donn Layne says:


  12. Donn Layne says:


  13. Donn Layne says:


  14. Donn Layne says:


  15. Donn Layne says:


  16. Donn Layne says:


  17. Donn Layne says:

    …..take the vaccine and you will wish you hadn't

  18. priceandpride says:

    are these people famous?

  19. Gary David says:

    Save yourself 15 minutes & use them wisely.
    This video is fake information & complete cack …..

  20. Oneal Spence says:

    Errrr how do we no they were not going to die anyway. We never no nothing. Plus the vaccine is NOT a life juice.
    Well all going to die. More interested in the living thank you

  21. Luis Rosu says:

    Im sorry for them?
    Dos they eat healthy?
    Where they healthy?

  22. davidpar2 says:

    No they didn’t. They died from pre-existing conditions exacerbated by the virus

  23. Alexis Kiri says:

    This needs to be updated.

  24. John Aldred says:

    That's what we are being told…! The same way we were told that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction when in reality all he had was a water pistol & catapult..! Don't believe word the MSM tell you..!

  25. KILLDOZER __[oTo]{ says:

    Yeah, everything is COVID nowadays. Old(er) people pass… happens. Reminder that this lab brewed cold virus has a 99% survival rate.

  26. dumb ass3 says:

    I not see Rick may

  27. Premiumboxingtips Predictions says:

    From? With? or within 28 days of a positive test? I smell buuuuuullshiiiiiit.

  28. Earth-ling says:

    I could care less about “celebrity’s” dying from covid. Why separate us by status? My family and some close friends have died from this mess. Ive had it, my daughter inlaw has had it. My wife has had it. What makes these people so special?

  29. Devon Williams says:

    Ca ca ca Caron a virus yes it’s real yeah it’s real

  30. lag cossy says:

    Did they heck die from flu b.s

  31. John boys heart ❤ says:

    She means the vax killed them

  32. Max McGraw says:

    There was only about 4 people I knew on this video…or even heard of.
    Death is inevitable and we must all face it eventually.
    Where is the list of all the people who have died from the common flu?
    How about cancer?
    Heart disease?
    Car accidents?
    I guess those lists would be way too long.

  33. Stan Bryan says:

    And I wonder, how many of them were fully Vacinated?

  34. The Lisa Dee Delights Show says:


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