"There's a Bankruptcy on My Credit Report; aren't Public Records Supposed to No Longer Report?"

Hey Hey! Welcome to another LIT segment of Credit Makes $ense w/ Netiva, The Frugal CrediTnista!!!

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Today’s #ProsperityPartna Question is:

“I heard that public records were no longer supposed to report on credit reports, there’s a bankruptcy on my reports!”

Let’s Make $ense of Some Thangs!


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3 Responses

  1. Bee Tee says:

    Very photogenic and charismatic!!! I don't agree with freezing LN. BK deletions can be done without any errors reporting.

  2. D. Davis says:

    I have been struggling to listen when you’re attempting to satisfy more than one audience at the same time by shouting out folks. Now that I’ve suffered through the shout out on the first video I watched, you are certainly THE BEST on YT! Beating out men!

  3. mymiracle79 says:

    You don't talk fast, they listening slow.

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