The Worst Credit Monitoring Services – MyFico,Debt,FICO,Equifax,Experian,Transunion

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The Worst Credit Monitoring Services – MyFico,Debt,FICO,Equifax,Experian,Transunion

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how do i dispute my credit report with transunion

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27 Responses

  1. Angel Rosado says:

    I like my fico I get all 3 Mortgage Auto loan Credit cards

  2. IzzysCuisines LLC says:

    Woww Im so glad I came here to Youtube and checked cause when I did your video appeared cause I was trying to figure out which one to buy, Experian or Equifax. Now hearing what u had to say kept some wisdom in my pockets.

  3. myjoy1229 says:

    Right now equifax is the lowest .I’m trying to raise it. if I pay down 3k in debt it will increase. I want to pay 5k in debt but that won’t cause an increase. How can I get around this ?

  4. myjoy1229 says:

    Right now equifax is the lowest .I’m trying to raise it. if I pay down 3k in debt it will increase. I want to pay 5k in debt but that won’t cause an increase. How can I get around this ?

  5. Lance G says:

    I hate to say it but you are 100% on point.

  6. Melvin Aiken says:

    MyFICO has stipulations on joining, I was told I had to have active accounts in order to join @ $40, is that correct?

  7. Logan Scott says:

    I have experian for $8 a month, updates everyday.

  8. Kawanda. Sears says:

    I just canceled my Experian membership and brought Myfico, now I have a better understanding of where I fall. Now I can focus more on my mortgage score.

  9. Mike Anthony says:

    That's not true, I pay $9.95 per month for all 3 scores. Score Sense. You have to talk them down, they'll do it, TALK! Excellent video dude

  10. turt1231 says:

    After watching your video I decided to get myFico scores. I have Experian and wanted to see if there was any differences in scores… I found out that is the same.. The only difference in myFico is that you get additional(Mortgage, car, etc) scores for transunion and equifax. You get the additional from Experian but only experian one, not transunion or equifax. $30 dollars to see what was different and is not much. This is for people that want to know the difference from Experian and myFico scores. Now for those that never seen their scores I recommend Experian because they give you a free trial for the first month and can see all your scores! I did not see this in myFico. Just make sure you cancel it before the end of the month or they will charge you 20 dollars!

  11. Jae Lave says:

    On point, thank you so much just switched from Experian membership to MyFico membership.

  12. D M Sled/Ge says:

    All these firms have access to our credit scores yet we have to pay to get them?

  13. Sheri says:

    Well, let me be your first person to say it failed! I have MyFico – my mortgage lender pulled my scores and they were 20 points lower than MyFico! I was shocked! So, I don't know if I am a weird anomaly, but it was not accurate for me. Super frustrating!

  14. Antwone B. says:

    What about Experian CreditWorks you was talking about them on another video for $24.99? You dont recommend them over myfico?

  15. SFV RAIDERS says:

    Thank you.i almost bit on Experian

  16. 1SwoleNole says:

    Thanks alot Brotha! I Just Love That Piano Intro Tune!!

  17. Josh W says:

    I have IdentityIq and love it!

  18. Ben Dover says:

    Experian direct is the worst i had them for years impossible to get in touch with them terrible

  19. App Giggin says:

    Thanks for the nuggets (of wisdom☺️). I’ve been subscribed to Experian for more than a year and other than seeing what THEY’RE doing, I’m blinded to everything else (e.g. overall FICO, other reports , etc)

  20. The Gamer 21 says:

    I noticed that scores where different. Thanks for the information

  21. Chris. BCC says:

    I'm ready for a renovation mortgage. Can you help?

  22. adugba87 says:

    Hi there,
    I noticed that you mentioned at the beginning of your video that Identity IQ is $21.99 a month – I’m not seeing your link below for this nor is it saying this on their website. Thanks & hoping to hear from you Sir.

  23. catherine johnson says:

    Thanks so much young Lion for always sharing a wealth of knowledge with us! As soon as my income change. This lady is definitely going to get your company to help me go places that I never thought I could go. Again thanks for always encouraging us. GOD continue to bless and keep you and your family!!!

  24. Antwone B. says:

    Have you heard of Identity Guard? I got them as a deal for $10.99 a month. It includes Identity & credit monitoring and credit report every 30 days. I have noticed there credit score is usually 5-15 pts different then credit karma.

  25. El Shinobi says:

    I pay 9.99 a month with privacy guard credit monitoring service.

  26. Angel Green says:

    Thank you Calvin. I have both Discover and Citi Credit Cards. I receive a FICO Credit Score at no additional charge.

  27. deborah anderson says:

    Hi Calvin! those jive turkeys from Experian?! I'm going to cancel it!

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