The Weirdly Big Problem of Being Declared Dead Accidentally

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Video written by Adam Chase

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21 Responses

  1. The Christian Gamer says:

    Interesting video

  2. thereal nynetynyne says:

    So that's what happened with all the dead voters in 2020

  3. Jonah Teer says:

    This is a good video about bricks

  4. Kevin Luo says:

    3:02 I'm dead lol

  5. Something To Think About says:

    Am I the only one who looks at a Half as Interesting thumbnail and think it’s a video from months ago, and then realize it’s only two days old?

  6. Yufeng yan says:


  7. Panni Rajula says:

    If you want mobile data come to India you can get unlimited data for almost free

  8. frankpinmtl says:

    Is this how Snake Plisken got to be so notorious?
    "Snake Plisken – I heard you were dead"
    "Yah – social security made a mistake"
    (just doesn't sound as sexy…)

  9. Kobe Brian says:

    Can’t you just sue the federal government

  10. Felipe Behrens says:

    Hey you can now go and rob a bank…

  11. jcrowley1985 says:

    At least you can still vote

  12. A Dude says:

    Sounds like a great way for what I am hereby dubbing “financial murder”, or fucking up someone’s finances. You could become a financial serial killer by forging death certificates and entering living peoples SSNs into the database

  13. PJ B. says:

    "Daily, that's 1-8 billion per day" I did not understand that.

  14. Rusty Schimelpfening says:

    What government does best shift Blame

  15. Mohit says:

    0:34 is this supposed to be a stock video?

  16. Jared Cox says:

    Thats actually a really good deal on a pizza

  17. Burke Niles says:

    Sam yelling at the beginning sounds exactly like Chris from Total Drama Island

  18. Mirza Ahmed says:

    I'm not dead, just dead inside.

  19. Mirza Ahmed says:

    Mint Mobile is cheaper than Ting.

  20. JJADX says:

    no taxes! easy crime! absolute W.

  21. Vim Alcel Naraga says:

    Two words:
    Life sentence.

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