The War in Afghanistan: What Else Should We Never Forget? | The Daily Show

While Americans are supposed to “never forget” 9/11, many have already forgotten the needless civilian casualties and high costs that came with the war in Afghanistan. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Afghanistan

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43 Responses

  1. KB COMMANDER says:

    We need to think about the civilians in Afghanistan they are left there alone with no food no water and no shelter.

  2. camcamsmom says:

    No wonder they hate amerikkka

  3. musheer azmy says:

    Thank you Trevor, you are man of integrity. by the way if this money was spent for development of Afghanistan rather than going to the buckets of war lords in USA (weapons companies) and Afghanistan, may be they could have the best sincere ally ever.

  4. Whoooh says:

    Trevor seems like the person who'd focus on Allied War Crimes duringWW2 to paint Nazis as victims. Cuz that's exactly what he is doing.

  5. Whoooh says:

    Yes how much coverage are you giving to people killed by Taliban? Zero. Why? Becuase that won't appease your islamophilic viewerbase.

  6. sulejman hadzic says:

    What ?? 7 kids you kiled 10000

  7. Marcus-Aerilius Maximus says:

    He isnt american….just cuz he is black he can ridicule and make fun of america?

  8. Vance Gilmore says:

    Trevor is unable to criticize Joe Biden because Trevor Noah is a tool of the corrupt Democratic coup.

  9. Kashif Farid says:

    Huge respect for Trevor. He won my heart in that video about Israel's atrocities over Palestine and did the same here. So proud of him!

  10. Noitartst says:

    And just think…his anti-war idealism justified us abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban. Thrilling.

  11. Walter says:

    Republican war. WHy? Money for shareholders.

  12. Iman Jallali says:

    As College student who still lives in Afghanistan, What happened to my country has happened. But now please let these bad – you call – Taliban run the country. Since Taliban are now fully committed to build Afghanistan, US is freezing money and other sanction as it does to Iran.

  13. Chig Bungus says:

    My respect for the Afghan people is so high.

  14. Spec OPPs says:

    Peace Gods and goddesses keep doing your thing blessings to every one stay. That whole thing ways doomed from the beginning

  15. Ben San says:

    Trevor noah… what now? We never forget that you were for joe biden. Dont blame america. Blame you who put a president who can't lead.

  16. Carl Kearse says:

    The point of being there was to create enemies to have a war to fight.

  17. The Tales Afrika says:

    Lest we forget the history of this world!!! Stories for other days…..I mean our world is weird…

  18. Jonathan Oak says:

    Joe Biden – “Relax, everything is fine”.

  19. Tai Angu says:

    Actually America should never forget Vietnam…..what USA did in Afghanistan is a classic example of “ History repeats itself”…

  20. Irfan Ali says:

    America is an example of a dying super power.

  21. My OOO says:

    Nothing new here, USA has killed millions in Iraq, 100s of thousands in Afghanistan, Pakistan. And yet USA is "the hero" but every one else are terrorists

  22. YAWAR ALI says:

    This is why i have subscribed your channel❤❤❤

  23. Distinct Expert says:

    Inside job 911, try to understand and try not forget

  24. Igot7army's 2493 says:

    This is very insightful

  25. Igot7army's 2493 says:

    Feeling this Trevor in a mustard yellow hoodie

  26. Liz_Lemon says:

    Effing patriarchy

  27. my comment is true says:

    They killed innocent millions in Iraq alone also in Libya somalia syria

  28. Abrar says:

    Most Americans unfortunately don't even try to understand Afghan mindset. Afghan people are of different mindset, they seek revenge and it's true I've seen such things. Most of the people who went against the US and fought against the US were those who suffered from directly or indirectly from the US. Our PM Imran Khan was once telling that, a student from his university was missing later he came to know that, he blow himself up in Afghanistan because few days ago his whole family in Waziristan was killed by American drone strike. US must learn from it's mistake. Honestly speaking I think us has done delibrately blunders in Afghanistan.

  29. Badman No.1 says:

    America is the terrorist of terrorist's… They are the ones creating problems and benefitting from it… They are the tyrants of our generation… May Allah deal with them accordingly…

  30. Cheryl Sequeira says:

    America is a failure, period

  31. Habib Rehman says:

    "Great power comes with great responsibility", Spiderman to America.

  32. Awesome Collection says:

    USA (terrorist) just killing innocent peoples around the world , they will reduce the population of the world , they are dreaming to rule the world ,, and many muslim and other countries are silence because of the money and their invented law , this is the sign of world war 3 , dajjali fitna ,,,,

  33. Mamoonullah Asmati says:

    This was one of the very sample examples in last 20 years of Afghans civilians targeting with different names.

  34. Shameem Ahmad says:

    Thanks for the show brother. Imagine how many drone strikes killed innocent people in Afghanistan and still America has the audacity to ask for guarantees from Taliban to adhere to human rights. I mean What hyporicy!!!.

  35. Mathias List says:

    Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Afghanistan and the US responsibles always come up with the same bull* over and over again. They did far worse than 9/11 in other countries and not even bother to excuse. Why is not even one person in the US protesting against this US state terrorism (actually it's even far bigger scale).

  36. Safiullah Safi says:

    Thank you brother for telling the truth.

  37. Vivek Naidu says:

    wasn't this guy supporting that black president ?? , i forgot his name .. those costs were during his period too

  38. Anthropo Chakra says:

    Fanaticism ain't gonna stop until doomsday

  39. Hidayat Sie says:

    I think statement Most Muslim around the world condemn September 11 is wrong. Most Muslim around the world cheer that moment. I remember My friend from India inform that all India clap their hand when they saw news in TV.

  40. Dun says:

    No country has been held less accountable for war crimes than US.

  41. Za Uneeb Yama says:

    * The biggest terrorist in the world is USA!! *

  42. khalid Azizi says:

    It’s not the first time US Drones have killed lot of innocents people in Afghanistan for the past 20 years, that’s why they lost war to Talibans because they have killed more innocent people than Talibans. US have bombarded wedding, schools and hospitals

  43. Rfi Sha says:

    Most of muslim will forgive …

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