The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 – Episode 6 "Who Are You" Reaction | Final Season

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Today we have our reaction to The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 6 “Who Are You?”!

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27 Responses

  1. Peter Z says:

    I have to say Iris is really stupid, I mean hope is by far the smarter of the two sisters. Irish wants to destroy everything which clearly shows she doesn't understand how important the science in the research facility. It needs to continue just in a more ethical way.

  2. Marlo S138 says:

    Ahhhhhhhh!!! Rick Grimes!!! Speculation video?

  3. Luke Doran says:

    This episode was saucy for sure

  4. Jordan Light Synakowski says:

    Of course it's not gonna be just the girls and her dad and Felix & Huck that "burn this place down" it's gonna be the good people from TWB most likely a couple of good characters from FTWD and of course RICK "MF" GRIMES BABY!!!

    Everyone is gonna come together by the end of everything and then BAM take out the CRM together!!! With possibly the help of The Commonwealth!!! That will be what "The Rick Movies" are most likely about. Well movie 2 & 3 anyways!!!

    I'm probably WAAAAAY off!!! But I'm having fun theorizing tho that's for sure lol!!!

  5. fun guy says:

    are you going to be reviewing Dexter?

  6. javalily says:

    Teens are always way too idealistic. They haven't lived and experienced enough to know different.
    Everything is always done under the guise of the "greater good".

  7. Rob Newsome says:

    Glad to see world beyond finally getting better

  8. Chloe Reacts says:

    Not gonna lie I got teary when she said she gave crm something VERY valuable , Rick <3

  9. Alonso Madera says:

    Iris or fukin isis is jus srt8 vomit when she talks my brain cant register her dialogue cause it's so fuking cringy she has to be the worst character ever in the walking dead I even think crybaby Sam is a better character then her god she is terrible

  10. Kyle Hopkins says:

    It took till episode 7 for an episode to be as good as any episode of twd and fear

  11. hannah1989 says:

    i think you guys are misunderstanding Dr. Belshaw's point of view, she wants to save Leo, Iris and Hope and the rest (youll understand next episode)

  12. Michael Schoolnik says:

    Someone please tell me if CRM/Scientists are trying to stop people from reanimating, why they are murdering whole cities with the late Dr, Lilah Belshaw's gas, which doesn't work. Asking for a friend…

  13. David Ruse says:

    Releasing that much chlorine by fire or explosives would result in an instant Hydrochloric Acid cloud / soup that would decimate the surrounding area. You would want to be a very long way away from the region.

  14. Brian Achim says:

    Trust me, they're gonna burn the facility down.

  15. Devils Advocate says:

    Why are they not killing anyone on camera on this show. Yes I know about the Campus colony, and Omaha, but it happend off camera, we have'nt lost anyone of any importance in almost two seasons. I'm getting blood thirsty here

  16. Duke2010 Jim bob says:

    I actually loved the episode but Iris saying she's gonna burn the place down in very cringe. Kinda hope she dies but I doubt it. I think the last episode will reveal that Jadis and Rick are working together and they'll be the ones who burn it down

  17. Denis Briggs says:

    Also burning the place to the ground could be metaphorical as used in Stranger Things not necessarily literally.

  18. Denis Briggs says:

    The CRM don't have over 200,000 in that camp they can burn that to the ground like terrorists it doesn't take many to dot that

  19. Gray Jedi Drew says:

    Girls, unless you’ve got an aircraft carrier with a full compliment of aircraft and ordinance to take down the CRM, you ain’t doing anything! You’re about as deadly as a gnat!

  20. Cody says:

    God I am loving Iris this season!! She's fed up hahaha She ate Laila upppppp

  21. PJINK11 says:

    Wow… what an episode… that sniper was… dang! Great Reaction!

  22. afrodesiacworldwide says:

    Rick lost his memory from his injuries. He is general beals and doesn’t know his past. Final shot last episode. General beaks shows up …. Rick Grimes…. Jadis gave the CRM a general

  23. Sherry A. Presley says:

    Huge fan of the 3 walking dead series. Love them. However sometimes what yall call amazing…I am just not feeling it. Was a boring rehash of what we already know between Jadis and Huck. That guy getting killed at the end felt pointless. No way they could even tell in the dark who or what that was and didn't even care. Not even to use for experiment. Perhaps his blood splattering on the other guys face is what you thought was so amazing. Tell me there are no cameras all over that building seeing everything they do and I will sell you a bridge.

  24. Jackie Reynolds says:

    You said what I thought. Is Rick General Beale??

  25. john carpenter says:

    i started to like Jadis a lil finally when she saved Rick… She is playing a good role in this season, though im not sure i still like her/ trust her.. i hope she somehow turns on the crm and helps out, though i doubt she will, she really seems like she drank and loved the crm flavored cool-aid

  26. Grandpa Alien says:

    Did you guys rearrange your recording space? You have alot of natural light coming in over Josh's shoulder. It looks good! Gives everything more depth and natural look.

  27. Neil Williams says:

    Josh and Jurel, you guys finally admitted that a WB episode was good – it's like you've been afraid to admit it because so many people like to say that WB is rubbish…

    There have been loads of good episodes in WB and I think it is now my favourite WD series!

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