The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 9 Teaser Trailer Breakdown – TWD 11×09 Looks Good!

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29 Responses

  1. Saidi Louise says:

    My daughter is in Atlanta this week. Got photos with Cooper and JDM!!

  2. Isaias Reyna Jr. says:

    Hopefully the 2 part will be better!!

  3. Alan D Mystic says:

    Should had Meryl cope on, him bro Daryl in few more seasons, image popped now.slither classic horror, he makes comedy, horror sick hood wat Brill in guardian,s of galaxy. Tim in chap fom serinty, Ace,Thonbstone. What if, guardian of galaxy in 2nd ..JFK missippi burning. Some carrier. Days of thunder, Yom cruise to. Hypothermia brill dies in half way worth watch, cliffhanger in latest suicide squad plays 2 of the gang , see figure it when watch Xmas or doesn't a cop. Henry, serial killer.shadow builder, more thinking hat 10 Mon,s

  4. Jurasitol says:

    Despite the fact this season is lacklustre so far. Pope and the actor who plays pope are awesome

  5. SHAUN PAULSEN says:

    Amc needs to stop amc+, showing episodes a week earlier just spoilers them for the people how have to wait. Witch is a hell of alot more people then who watches it on amc+

  6. javier book shadows contributor du says:

    64th comment

  7. Constantin Țarălungă says:

    4:54 – What a straightforward way to spoil a character death, xDDD

  8. Lim Jahey says:

    Its gunna be real good
    Fear is starting season 7 pretty weak

  9. Jurasitol says:

    They've really nailed the character of Mercer. Perfect representation… but that is literally the only good thing that's happened this season.

  10. Ronald Bobeck says:

    Military Historian here, Those are Chinese Barrage rockets with had arrows attached to the rocket. Highly effective against a Cavalry charge.

  11. adrian richards says:

    Hi bri when i watch your videos i have to have sound on my phone down so wife dose not tell me off

  12. FMD INC says:

    Why does everyone insist Negan and Darryl teaming up and fighting someone. I’m glad Angela doesn’t go that route.

  13. L says:

    That Door 23? I feel that Episode 23 is.

  14. Duane Dunstan says:

    love it

  15. Manuel Garcia says:

    Maybe at least 1-2 episodes will end the threat of the reapers.

  16. SnyFlemFilms says:

    Hopefully the main cast gets injured. Like Maggie or Negan. We never seen them being injured. There's no way none of them will get out of that situation without getting hurt.

  17. Ary'al says:

    That's definitely Carver

  18. Robert Long says:

    I hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on Halloween ends as a character

  19. Jessie Swaby says:

    This episode looks so good, and I can’t wait to see this episode.

  20. Jeanie Schmidt says:

    Carver gonna be sneaking up on Maggie by room 23, Negan pops outta 23 and fights him, Carver flees. And runs into Elijah around the corner!

  21. Wrm Designs says:

    Grainy* photos are fine sometimes.

  22. Mahmoud Nahary says:

    pt when are you doing review for fear the walking dead episode 2 ?

  23. Jeremiah C says:

    There better be some main character deaths hopefully Gabriel and or Rosita just not Negan cause he's the only interesting character now ha

  24. Nightbird Games says:

    Have a theory that's a wild stretch. The photo with the door number 23 makes me think its a foreshadow to potentially Negan's death. There are going to be 24 episodes this season and episode 23 I could see being the episode a character could be given Ricks comic book death. I feel like Negan is the best candidate for that death so far since his story has been changed up, and he will not be leaving Alexandria.

  25. Diana Raney says:

    Can't wait that long lol

  26. Ronald McDonald says:

    Episode 10 synopsis: Negan makes a life changing decision about Maggie. Glenn appears to help Maggie.

  27. Diana Raney says:

    Aaron when he was with Rick rowing a sinking boat to the bigger boat, was pulled under water by a walker/bobber, but Aaron was ok

  28. Sasha Allen says:

    hope see u sunday be first live stream

  29. The Walking Thrones says:

    Which storyline reminds you of the current Daryl – Leah storyline? Rey & Kylo Ren just after Kylo kills Snoke in 'the Last Jedi' or Jon Snow & Ygrit just after Ygrit shoot's 3 arrow's into him in 'Game of Thrones'?

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