The Walking Dead Connections & Tie-Ins News – TWD WB Will Connect & Tie-In With FTWD & TWD!?

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41 Responses

  1. Renee Herr says:

    I have AMC plus

  2. Isaias Reyna Jr. says:

    Excellent Video Bri!
    I completely agree…

  3. HFG says:

    Hmmm gonna keep my expectations low on this one

  4. Huub Bellemakers says:

    It must be Isabell, the only CRM soldier we know from Fear.

  5. javier book shadows contributor du says:

    60th comment

  6. Diana Raney says:

    Jadis is acting like she's totally loyal to the CRM, but I think she'll be on Rick's side when it all comes down. Like Eugene. U have to step into the lions den, to kill the lion. Hope is inside, Rick is inside, Jadis also.

  7. Diana Raney says:

    Maybe Isabel CRM soldier from Fear, knows Jadis who's appearing on World Beyond, and appeared on TWD when she took Rick

  8. Diana Raney says:

    The people from Fear that went on the CRM helicopter, might meet up with Irises group

  9. Adam.2099 says:

    Twd are gunna end up losing all their fans, getting bored of all this shit now, people will just turn it off if Rick doesn't come back

  10. Duke2010 Jim bob says:

    The big news will be Jadis and Isabelle are sisters whoopie

  11. Rob Newsome says:

    When world beyond ended last season, i think it was mentioned that we would see familiar faces in season 2, not a familiar face, it could have just been mispoken but i think we are going to have a little more the Jadis, remember that Fear is well behind the world beyond timeline so they could do some crazy stuff if they choose

  12. Paychek2822 says:

    very annoyed with how slow the shows pace has become

  13. Apocalypse CB750 says:

    I think Jadis will get 20 seconds screen time in the last episode. Trolled again to watch WB. Season 1 was awful and they tricked us to watch it

  14. Western Alliance says:

    Where is Morgan in the current timeline? Thats another thing they need to get to, a time jump in FTWD. FTWD and TWD need to turn CRM-centric like NOW.

  15. David o'brien says:

    Jadis is the boss of CRM

  16. Wesley Smith says:

    The CRM knows about the Peremeter Group and lets them survive so its not reaching assuming The CRM knows about the Commonwealth and works with them as well?
    Another thing im curious about is will we ever find out who the commanding officer Jadis/Anne was speaking with over the radio during the whole ordeal with Rick?
    Awesome video and discussion Bri

  17. Almonds Chanel says:

    I feel like They’re just Winging this CRM thing as They Go

  18. Kobeashu Bailey says:

    Fun fact Jadis is the only character that has been on all 3 walking dead shows! Even if it was short on Morgan's crossover episode!

  19. Kobeashu Bailey says:

    This is a complete stretch but what if when Jadis comes back and she's trying to speak to some of the world Beyond characters to convince them to join the CRM and she brings up a man named Morgan who told her nobody is ever too far gone or whatever he told her when he crossed over because technically Jadis Rick Morgan Dwight and Sherry have all been on The Walking Dead and fear

  20. Tonya Jackson says:

    They need to start connecting the shows now! It's been too long

  21. DarthXenon03 says:

    I bet it will be maybe Isabelle or a mention of the nukes. Excited for this!

  22. A Wiener and a Beaner says:

    Just keep in mind the time difference with fear. I think its still about 5 years behind.
    Also, the current writing in Fear is the worse that I've EVER seen in any series. Its TERRIBLE!

  23. aarron roberts says:

    They have drug this out to long ! Lost interest long time ago sucks

  24. Carlos Santana says:

    It's almost confirmed maggie grace/althea as left FTWD she's not in the credits anymore

  25. Walking Beef says:

    I'm sure they're just being coy and purposely not giving us any info

  26. Jigen says:

    However, Jaddis is a artist and in beyond there is an artist community. Maybe the artist community had to sacrifice Ann/jadis in the deal with the CR. Thusly, jadis is working off her debt the CR

  27. Jigen says:

    Jadis Gabriel negan and Rick connection is so stale now. It’s frustrating.

  28. MrGamer says:

    Good thing World Beyond is just two seasons. They know what we want. Enough with the pandering. I only watch World Beyond news when anything is connected to Rick indirectly… They need to stop beating around the bush. If all this buildup not amounting to anything super huge, then it’s clumsy writing plan and simple.

  29. Sue Lyons says:

    Oh god…no World Beyond is a fucking embarrassment and Fear just needs to die already. Jesus…no, we don't want all 3 shows to connect.

  30. James Mendonca says:

    Prob see isabel from fear and jadis obviously from the main show

  31. Sasha Allen says:

    im expecting let down

  32. Elisa Gable says:

    Walking Dead was the Best show ever, Then they ruined it when they took out Carl, we all wanted old man Carl! Fear was meh, I only watched it for Morgan then John Dory. Now, I'm done. World beyond is beyond any of my interest. It's stupid and boring! Rick leaving Walking Dead, BIG MISTAKE! Just to make movies based on all 3 and who knows what else they'll throw at us. It's all just gotten to be so much!! They should have stuck with Walking Dead AND FIISHED IT!! This is all too much! Just a Huge Mess!!! I'm done!!!

  33. Jeanie Schmidt says:

    Maybe Jadis is talking to Morgan.

  34. Jessie Swaby says:

    This sounds interesting

  35. Daniel Moynihan says:

    It's crazy but rotten tomatoes has the synopsis for all the episodes. they're a little vague but they also have them for FEAR and they are way more detailed. Entire first half is the season is layed out. Rotten tomatoes is slippin' lol

  36. Daniel Moynihan says:

    Exactly!Little tie-ins , we want major tie-ins. If we dont some serious Rick easter eggs and/or big connections to TWD what was the point of this show. I really hope they're downplaying it.Theres so much potential to give us fan service!!! Give it to us!!

  37. Matt S says:

    I hope there is a reason for all these CRM members having utterly terrible haircuts.

  38. Thomas johnson Jr says:

    Connection hello?

  39. B From O says:

    Could Isabel be the pilot that picked up Jadis and Rick then she also picked up the fear group. That would tie in all the shows if both Isabel and Jadis show up in WB. It's really weird that Gabe and Negan have not mentioned anything about Jadis and the helicopter.

  40. Maja Cvet says:

    Gimple has his hands all over WB, that's obvious. The real question is, what Harvey Weinstein level blackmail does he have on the AMC execs? That's the only real question, because he's just too awful of a thinker, writer, human being. That he forces himself on audiences through whatever backdoor devices is some kind of mass assault on global consciousness. He is the virus.

  41. Rob K. says:

    I would've loved to have seen Abraham at the Commonwealth.
    He and Mercer would've gotten along fine with their military backgrounds and no-nonsense attitudes.
    Abe meeting the CRM for the first time: Who's E-LIZ-abeth?

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