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  1. themynas1 says:

    There is no money it’s all balance of account it’s only credits that come out of thin air we the people are the creditors stop taking benefits and privileges from demons

  2. themynas1 says:

    Blah blah blah all Fraud by Fictitious convenience of language.

  3. Esggg Hjv says:

    It's nothing but a way to be taxed by the federal and state governments. In other words it can substitute a person's First and Last Name which can mean nothing.

  4. Phillip Robinson says:

    It's funny, I keep trying to find evidentiary rebuttals to my known facts about social security…and at 23 min into this video, this person only speaks from quotes, what he/she said, and 'a sense of the right thing to do' which I applaud anyone's passion…..but never do these people produce proof, numbers, or facts really. Ijs

  5. Matthew McCracken says:

    We are not at our apec, in regards to our wealth. We have been on a downward spiral since 80s

  6. George Lieberman says:

    The truth about Social Security is that it is system that should be abolished and destroyed. The only reason you'd want the system is if you were an S.S. Bureaucrat. Though private investment in the S and P 500 a person could get TWO MILLION DOLLARS instead of the disgusting system that gives people a measly 200 thousand dollars. Wake up people and destroy this abhorrent system!

  7. Section Sixty says:

    Good stuff from EPI… Emotional Policy Institute

  8. EuphoniaPooch says:

    Starts at 15:37

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