The Truth About Credit Repair | Real Client Results | How to repair your credit the fast way

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Need expert credit repair? See if you qualify for our credit sweep service by scheduling a 100% free credit assessment and consultation .

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In this video I share some results from one of my clients. He has been with the credit bull for about 2 months now and each month he has seen incredible changes to his credit report. The first month he saw his scores go up each by 100+ points. This month he saw over 40 negative marks removed from his profile. Some of those negative marks were late payments on closed accounts, a charged off car loan, credit card collections and also a charged off credit card. He was ecstatic about his credit repair results to say the least. He also said he’s headed to the dealership to get a new Mercedes truck to put on turo this week lol.

I just want to show you guys some of the behind the scenes of the work were are doing here at the credit bull. Not only do we offer credit repair we also offer the most resources for your credit building future and journey than anyone of any other credit repair company out there BAR NONE!

Credit repair is only for those of you who know what needs to be done yet you lack the time or you’re tired of doing it yourself and you’re ready to hire the experts to handle it. We offer and perform a full credit sweep. This includes all negative accounts and inquires on your credit profile. All of our credit repair clients see results within the first 30 days. Many of our credit repair clients are very satisfied after about 90 days or 4 months.

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how to get a negative mark off credit report

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